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Ohh you are here! Welcome! We guess you liked our work so you want to know who we are right?

So who are we? And what is TeenAtHeart? Thinking Face on WhatsApp 2.17

Teenagers are always misunderstood by the parents, grownups, and society. You are called arrogant, rebellious, immature and what not. Whenever you try to make a decision for your own, you are always shut down by the society saying, “You are just a kid!”. And when you make some mistakes, the same people tell you to be mature and act like grownups. But one thing these people forget that you are neither kids nor adults. You are Teenagers!

Our society seems to ignore the fact that there’s a transition phase of a kid into an adult and that is teenage. You are always mistreated and misunderstood by everyone. But don’t worry we are here for you on your journey. Teenager years can be a rollercoaster ride of joys and sorrows.  But we will be there for you.

We are TeenAtHeart. India’s First Teenager Lifestyle Platform. We won’t be your buddy who is always there for you, a guide to show you the way and a philosopher to teach you things.

We are a team of highly motivated individuals who are working to make the lives of Indian Teenagers better. Come, join us on this journey. We are here for you. ❤️🤘

Our Team

Sunil Chavan CEO Teentrum Fashtech Pvt. Ltd

Sunil Chavan-  Lead Writer, CEO, Teentrum FashTech Pvt. Ltd.

Ajay Chavan COO Teentrum Fashtech Pvt. Ltd

Ajay Chavan-  Lead Writer, COO, Teentrum FashTech Pvt. Ltd.

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