About Us

Lemme tell you this upfront, this is going to be one of the craziest if not the wildest About Us Page. Rather than telling you pretty, dreamy, Cinderella-like things about the company, let us hit the reality. Because that’s what we believe in.

Teenagers are the most misunderstood people across the whole world and in India too. They are often called as arrogant, stupid, undependable, drug addicts, crazy. And that is not enough, you guys know what names they call you. The worst part is the relationship between teenagers and parents. After that your interaction with teachers, relatives, society, and businesses. They all get you wrong. Why? Have you ever thought about that?


The Very basic reason they failed to understand you is that “You are a Teenager, not a kid nor an adult”. They expect you to act like an adult but treat you like a child, but you are not either of them. This is the RCA (Root Cause Analysis… if you don’t know).

Teenagers are in their best phase of life. Though it is the reality that, some of you are misguided and took wrong path (drug addiction and all… bad is bad, we don’t afraid to say it). Some of you are spoilt and brash, yes, some of you do weird stuff, but why to generalize it. They should not be taken as the definition of all teenagers. Every individual is different.

You guys climb Everest, crack GRE, TOEFL, UPSC like a piece of cake. You guys innovate, do startups; you are the backbencher and yet the first one who cracks the on-campus interview. You are an ardent fan of Sheldon Cooper, John Snow, and Messi. You guys reading about AI, VR, quantum physics and black hole information paradox. You guys are amazing. You guys have amazing stories, but who talks about you. We are there for you.

Dejavuh About Us

Spoiler alert!! Science stuff coming up. I bet a heck lot of parents don’t have any idea about it. Do you know why teenagers sometimes act irrelevant, cranky and rebellious? Why they make mistakes, why they have the short attention span? There is science behind it. Pre-Frontal Cortex Development in teenager’s brain causes this. Click the given link for an extra dose of knowledge. Please do come back here and read rest of it.

Now, let’s say some pretty things about the company. We call ourselves “TeenAtHeart” … India’s First LifeStyle Platform for Indian Teenagers. Why for teens only? We have logic for that, we will let you know. You gotta stick around. (trying hard to add some suspense… 🙂 How we did? Bad, we know… but we are trying).

We will be covering all LifeStyle aspects of teenagers here. From fashion, style, entertainment, education, travel, relationships to curiosity, humour, tech, science and all that revolves around a teenager. We will also cover topics like GOT, BB Ki Vines and serious ones like drug addiction and depression too. Last but not the least, we will be having a heck a lot of fun.  A lot of you happens to be in colleges, so will deal with college lifestyle too. But, we are not going to do any boring, so-called “matured” stuff.

Come join us, we need inputs from you guys to make “TeenAtHeart” a better and the largest community for Indian Teenagers. So, what are you waiting for? Check our stuff at TeenAtHeart.com.