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Ohh you are here! Welcome! We guess you liked our work so you want to know who we are right?

So who are we? And what is Teenatheart.com? Thinking Face on WhatsApp 2.17

At Teenatheart.com, we are determined to present a learning experience to you. We write articles on a wide range of topics in form of Essays, Speeches, Scripts, Letters, Paragraphs, Articles and more. We strive to give the best quality of information to you in a way that is most suitable for you. We do not encourage copy and paste of given material, instead, we recommend you to learn from it and build your knowledge, homework, assignment on top of it. We try our best to avoid repetitive information (the internet is full of it, isn’t it?) wherever possible, we give our best to make topic relevant, different and up to date.

We are two highly motivated guys who are working to make students life better and we ensure you to provide quality information. Come, join us in the journey of learning. We are here for you.

Our Team

Sunil Chavan CEO Teentrum Fashtech Pvt. Ltd

Sunil Chavan-  Lead Writer, CEO, Teentrum FashTech Pvt. Ltd.

Ajay Chavan COO Teentrum Fashtech Pvt. Ltd

Ajay Chavan-  Lead Writer, COO, Teentrum FashTech Pvt. Ltd.


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