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Ohh you are here! Welcome! I think you liked our work so you want to know who we are right?

So who are we? And what is Teenatheart.com? Thinking Face on WhatsApp 2.17

I’ll tell you who we are but before that let me tell me what we are doing here at TeenAtHeart.com.

Education is one of the greatest power anyone can have. In today’s world competitive world, education is our sword to win the battle of life. You must have heard this at any point in your life. But we think learning is more important than education. Confused? You must be thinking what’s the difference between education and learning? We go to school to learn, right? Then how these both things are different?

No doubt, both learning, and education have great influence on one’s life and character. Both things make a person capable of making wise decisions in life and also earn the living. Education is acquiring certain knowledge and set of skills from an external source i.e. schools, colleges etc. whereas learning evolves from the inner self. Education is more formal and it is acquired at/for a certain time in life. On the contrary, learning is an ongoing process. A human starts his/her learning from the first breathe till he/she dies. Learning is knowledge gained through experience whereas education is knowledge gained through teaching. You must have got the idea of what I am Trying to say.

So at Teenatheart.com, we are determined to provide a learning experience to you by providing you the information you need in your academic life. We write articled on a wide range of topics which contain the information which will help you to fulfill your needs. We strive to provide the best quality of information to you in a way that is most suitable for you.

We are two highly motivated guys who are working to make your life better and we promise to provide quality information which is available at your fingertips. Come join us in the journey of learning. We are here for you.

Our Team

Sunil Chavan CEO Teentrum Fashtech Pvt. Ltd

Sunil Chavan-  Lead Writer, CEO, Teentrum FashTech Pvt. Ltd.

Ajay Chavan COO Teentrum Fashtech Pvt. Ltd

Ajay Chavan-  Lead Writer, COO, Teentrum FashTech Pvt. Ltd.


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