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These YouTube channels will make you crave science learning

YouTube channels will make you crave science learning

What’s the difference between centripetal force and centrifugal force? Well many of us must be wondering “I heard these words somewhere.” I know where. In your high school during a science class in which you didn’t get a single word because you were busy doodling on the back of your notebook. (Exception of those Frontbenchers that we discussed in “frontbenchers Vs backbenchers“). We didn’t bother to give attention to what was going on there because the teacher never made efforts to make the learning enjoyable. It was too much bookish, hardly they ever tried explained with practicals. We were like “Bro, we won’t be using this stuff in our everyday life then why should I learn it? “. I had the same attitude those days, but now I realized that I call myself Engineer, but I don’t even have the basic knowledge of science. That’s really disturbing.

It’s not too late start, we are the students of the 21st century, we know how to use technology to our advantage, and we don’t have to read thesis to understand the core concepts, right? So I am going to show you some popular YouTube Channels which explains the science topics visually and pretty quickly. Unlike the physics professor in our college who doesn’t even know, students are sleeping at the last benches. I wish I had this physics professor.

To be honest, until yesterday, I never heard about these channels. But yesterday our staff posted an article on science fair projects ideas, that article suggested some YouTube channel that one should follow to learn science fun way. When I browsed through those channels, I end up watching those awesome videos for straight 4 hours. Can you imagine physics, cosmos, quantum physics, space topics for straight 4 hours? I only got distracted when WiFi connection lost due to electricity blackout. Here is the list of some of them.

If you are a science freak, you already know them.

As their tagline suggests “You make curiosity contagious, they put across various fields from science and technology to your daily life interests. These guys can explain scientific facts and concept like it’s a piece of cake.

Derek Muller– This guy explains science and engineering concept with hints of humor and excellent knowledge. Veritasium is a channel of science and engineering videos featuring experiments, expert interviews, cool demos, and discussions with the public about everything science. Give it a try. You’ll fall in love with his videos.

Destin Sandlin. This guy is popular all over the world, and he was also honored and had a personal interview with US President Barack Obama for his contribution to improving lives of masses in the day to day life. Check out his channel.

This guy takes lots of efforts to make each of the videos. He illustrates all the things with simple doodles and animations to help you get a better understanding.

Here are some more of them, you can search them on YouTube. Vsauce, Physics Girl, NumerPhile, It’s OK to be Smart.

I am going to spend heck a lot of time there, what about you?

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