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How to Write Anchoring Script Speech in English? (Best Lines)

How to Write Best Anchoring Script (Best Lines)

Well, everybody will tell you this “It all depends on you”. I also agree with that, but I will say; it depends on the type of event, type, and age of your audience, overall show/event setup, and organizers’ expectations. I personally think an informal anchoring script is best because you are open to trying more things with the audience. In informal delivery, you can have fun with the audience, crack some random jokes, sometimes laugh at yourself or can do some gags (like awards show in India). But every show and event have different setting, audience, and expectation. Sometimes you need to a typical formal anchoring.

Writing Anchoring Speech Script

Yes, take an example. If you are hosting a farewell party of senior professor and a tribute ceremony for a veteran soldier then it is expected to be formal. Because the situation demands it. In this case, your audience is kinda disciplined, may not take humor sportingly, etc. Hence we have written this article to help you with how to write the best anchoring script in English for any function like farewell, teachers day, games, etc.

Let’s take another example; when you host an event sponsored by big sponsors then you need to call in their names various forms and after some intervals. After all, they have paid for the event with that intention. So, it depends on you as well as the type of event, age, and likes of the audience and expectations of the organizer.

Here we are not telling you about tips and format for anchoring script and all. We have written a separate article for that. Here we will try to write the best formal/informal/funny/wacky anchoring script lines for your reference. Only you can judge what can be used for your anchoring speech. So let’s see how to write the best anchoring script in English.

Best Formal Anchoring Script Lines

Let’s take an example of a formal event like a farewell party, teacher day, annual day, sports day, independence or republic day, etc. Here you may like to start the event with a classic welcome note.


This is classic but the overused way to start an event. But it’s safe, if you are hosting an event for the first time then it’s better to be safe. Your audience might have heard it many times that they will not give any attention to it. that’s the trade-off.

Good morning, respected chief guests, principal sir, teachers, staff members, and students. Myself < Your Name> from <Class> would like to welcome you all for the <event name>.

You can start your anchoring speech with a quote too. Make sure that that quote is relevant and from known personality from the same category of the event. Here is an example of a teacher’s day or send off (farewell) event.

“A noble prize winner Malala Yousafzai said, “Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.“And for us, you are one of that kind”. You are not just a teacher for us, you were there for us when we had doubts about ourselves. You are like our friend and I know all the students out there will agree, you are like the second parent to us. Ladies and gentlemen, please have a big round of applaud for Prof. XYZ. Find the best quotes for anchoring @ BrainyQuotes

You can even start the event with a song. You should not try this method if you have bad singing skills. But if you are at least little good with your vocal cord then you should go for it. Sing a couple of lines related to the event. Let’s take an example here; mother day, republic day or Independence Day anchoring speech. These three are emotional topics, a well sung and a relevant song will connect you with the audience immediately.

“Main Kabhi Batlata Nahin, Par Andhere Se Darta Hoon Main Maa, Yun To Main, Dikhlata Nahin, Teri Parwaah Karta Hoon, Main Maa, Tujhe Sab Hain Pata, Hain Na Maa, Tujhe Sab Hain Pata, Meri Maa”. <take a pause after song>. A mother, a friend, a teacher, an inspiration, someone who will be always there for you, some who loves her children no matter what… a Mother. On Mother’s Day, I salute all mothers over this planet.

Now let’s see some best lines for informal anchoring script.

Best Informal Anchoring Script Lines

Here in this format, you have more liberty to engage with the audience by cracking random jokes or having two-way communication with them. In an informal setting, the audience is in a kinda relaxed mode. They expect some entertainment. I personally like informal anchoring. But here the game is in anchor’s hand.

He / She should have a sense of humor, able to make jokes at himself/herself. While doing an informal type of anchoring you just cannot mug up the script and jokes and expect your audience to crack at it. Fun and humor should be in you. The best example in this category will be “Manish Paul“. This guy is having serious anchoring talent. The way he interacts with the audience is exemplary. You must check out his anchoring video over YouTube.

Now let’s see some best lines to start the fashion show event

  • Well, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; are you ready for the party? I didn’t hear that… Are you ready for party guys? … that’s better… This show is the most amazing show in the entire fashion world. 87 designer, 2000 + products, a gala event and hmmm hmmm and hottest after-party in town… Ladies and gentle Welcome to India’s biggest fashion show.

You can check Karan Johar, he does the best mix of formal and informal type of anchoring.

From given sample welcome speeches, you must have got the idea of how to draft the welcome speech. The same way you need to write the rest of the script. Always remember, if you write a speech yourself, you will be more confident while delivering it. Do take reference from the Internet, like this post; but try to write your original script.

You can use these tips and techniques while writing anchoring speech in Indian regional languages like Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati and others too.

We hope we have served what you came to find here on this page and I am sure now you know how to write an anchoring script in English. So don’t forget to rate the article and leave your valuable comments below. Thank You…

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