WOW!! World’s Largest Single Location Solar Power Plant is in India

largest single location solar plant kamuthi tamilnadu india

A welcoming progress in India’s renewable and clean energy sector has been achieved by Adani Group under its Adani Green Energy Ltd. The humongous, 648-Megawatt solar power plant is built in Tamilnadu, 90 KM from Madurai near the village of Kamuthi. This solar power plant consists of 3.80 lakh foundations, 25 lakh solar modules and some 6000 Kilometres of cables.

Second largest single location solar power plant is in Rosamond, California, USA launched in January 2013 which serves 579 Megawatts to 2,55,000 household whereas Kamuthi solar power plant will produce 648 Megawatts electricity will serve 3,00,000 households in India.

The project cost was nearly 4500 crores. Solar panels are spread across 1270 acres of land which will accommodate around 476 Football fields.

The amount of galvanized steel used for this solar power plant is around 30,000 metric tons with which 4 Eiffel towers can be built.

7700 KM long cables have been stretched for the plant which can be drawn from New Delhi to Perth, Australia.

To know more about this plant check this NatGeo documentary.

Spread a word, if you feel proud of this great achievement of India in Clean & Renewable energy.

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