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World Workers Day or International labor day essay speech paragraph article

Human beings have some basic needs which include shelter, clothes, and food. But today, money is another thing that is becoming a basic need of humans because with the help of money a man can fulfill all other basic needs. To earn money, one has to take efforts which may be by doing business, by doing a job. Not everyone is educationally qualified enough to get a job in MNCs. Such people work as a workers or labourers. Sometimes people who have good education also need to do such works because of poverty and unemployment. For the celebration of labors and their hard work, there is a day called World Workers Day or May Day or International Labor Day which is celebrated on 1st May every Year. This article will provide you information about International Workers Day 2017 which you can use for writing an essay, speech in competitions held at your school or college.

Beginning of Speech

Good morning honourable chief guest, respected principal, professors, and dear friends today we all are gathered here to celebrate the International Workers Day 2017. I am here to deliver the speech and convey my thoughts about how World Workers Day is celebrated? Why should it be celebrated? Allow me to start my speech now.


International Workers Day is celebrated on 1st May every year across the globe. People who are not having enough education or good financial situations lean towards works which have more hard work and less smart work. Their concern is to earn money for survival in this world from any possible way. They do not think about hard work or smart work they accept the task they get enrolled as an opportunity and do it. Nobody would love to do such kind of labor-ship but if a person has the only option left then there are no other ways to escape from such tasks. Today also, many times we see labors are discriminated on basis of their work which should be stopped.

Labors do a lot of hard work but they cannot use their own good ideas to do the work. They are not given value by their seniors and society most of the time. They are stamped with a tag of labor for a lifetime. It reduces their ability of thinking and trying to some big things. Labors feel that they do not have a higher education so they cannot do any big things, business or job which will lead their life to a different way. But if you ask me, I think this thinking is wrong. It is never late for getting educated or to learn anything. A person can keep learning till the last breath. Any person who is a labor because of any reason behind it can change his/her life from a labor to a successful person.

For encouraging and celebrating these labors people celebrate the date 1st May as the International Workers Day or World Labor Day every year. This is a day on which labors are celebrated but does it actually make these labors happy? Only celebrating a single day in a whole year and then again treating them in a wrong way for rest of the year is not a good way of celebrating them. People should first understand the meaning of this day and then celebrate it with joy for a day and treat labors equally for every moment in life. Yes, I agree not every person can be a great business person or an employee with huge salaries. There is a need of labors. But there should be a concern among people that these labors are not slaves. They also have self-respect which should not be hurt by others.

On 1st May 2017, we can celebrate the World Workers Day in many ways. People can encourage labors by organizing some events for them where the labors will do the activities by themselves for joy, entertainment, knowledge etc. Labors have a holiday on this day from their work so that they can rest but they can also use this day as the time for their own. They can share their ideas, opinions, and suggestions. Labors should be given a chance to speak what they want? What are their needs? What issues are they facing? People should not discriminate them but treat them with equality in the society.


The World Workers Day is to celebrate the labor-ship and labors, to encourage them and support them. The discrimination of labors should be abolished. This day creates awareness among people across the world. It should promote the hard work and respect it.

Ending of Speech

Let’s celebrate the Labor that builds up this great land from field to field, desk to desk they built it hand in hand.

Work is not man’s punishment. It is his reward, and his strength, and his pleasure. Respect it and celebrate it. On this positive note, I would like to end my speech here. Thank you, everyone, for paying attention and listening to me. It is my pleasure that I got this opportunity to deliver my thoughts on this topic.

Tips for Speech on World Workers Day

  • Don’t mug up the script, write down the key points of your topic and speak about them.
  • Interact with the audience with some questions too, otherwise, audience may find you like a speaking robot.
  • Read about the topic first as much as you can and then speak whatever that comes to your mind.
  • If you are a parent, don’t force your child or sibling to mug up the script instead help them to understand about the topic and motivate them to speak confidently.
  • If you are nervous about delivering the speech then first try it in front of your parents, sibling or friends and take feedback.

Tips for Essay on World Workers Day

  • Read about your topic as much as you can.
  • Write your essay in three logical parts i.e introduction, main concept, and conclusion.
  • You can write the essay in story format also.

Tips for Paragraph on World Workers Day

  • An essay and the paragraph are similar only the length limit vary.
  • Try focusing on key points while writing the paragraph.
  • Explain your topic in short and give some related points in brief.

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