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World No Tobacco Day 2019- Theme, Essay, Speech, Activities, Assembly Celebration

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Once Josh Billings said, “Health is like money. You never know the value of it until you lost it.” Truly said. A person having good health will have a good life. To become wealthy in life you need to earn good health and not just the money. 31st May is the day which reminds us how important life is. It’s the World No Tobacco Day or Anti-Tobacco day 2019. This day is celebrated to aware people about the effects of chewing tobacco and Nicotine that causes cancer and many severe diseases.

In this article, we are going to give some basic information about the Anti-Tobacco day, such as history of no tobacco date, date, theme, celebration ideas, assembly activities, quotes, slogans about no tobacco day etc. The information about World no-tobacco day in this article will help you to give a speech, to write an essay in your school and college competition. This is just core information you can add your views and thoughts in it.

World No-Tobacco Day 2019 Date, Theme, Information, Essay, Speech & Activities

The date of observance of World No Tobacco Day is 31st May. On this day many campaigns, events, and activities are organized to educate people about the bad effect of tobacco on our health every year across the world. The purpose and aim of the world no tobacco day are to spread awareness about the effects of smoking and chewing tobacco and also the health problems like cancer caused by tobacco.

In order to maintain good health, you need to eat healthily, feel healthy and on the top of it, you should not have an addiction to those products that are harmful to your health. These products that give you pleasure for a while but these are the only product that will take your life away.  Tobacco is one of those products which is harmful. After chewing it, it will bound the brain and you will start feeling energetic for some time you will never get to know how and why. Other illegal drugs like heroin, cocaine, meth, alcohol it will prepare the brain to send a false message about the need for nicotine like it’s your day to day food for survival and likewise, it becomes an addiction. Once you caught in this giant wheel of addiction it’s very hard to get out of this.

History of World No-Tobacco Day

WHO(World Health Organization) is the organization which came up with the idea of the world no tobacco day since 1987. 31st may is the day celebrated to highlight the risk associated with the tobacco and encourage the government to adopt policies to reduce smoking and other tobacco uses.

WHO has banned many advertisements, sponsorships, promotion of tobacco and its products through its annual celebration of ideas and campaign for ANTI-TOBACCO DAY. According to the report by WHO, tobacco kills 6 million people all around the world. Various other health-related events are also organized by WHO such as cancer day, blood donor day, AIDS day, Mental health day. To make the world free of diseases and their complications.

Effect and Problems caused by chewing tobacco

Chewing tobacco leads to short-term health effects as well as long-term health effects. Short-term effects include mouth ulcers, staining of teeth, cavities, mouth sores, bad breath this can make a person difficult to eat food. It also makes tongue senseless that a person can’t even taste and smell the food.

A single use of tobacco causes dizziness that affects persons day to day functional as well as physical activities. These short-term diseases convert into long-term diseases if a person continues its habit of chewing tobacco. It causes major and severe problems like many types of cancer, lung disease, heart disease, stroke etc.

Importance, Purpose of Celebrating World No-Tobacco Day | Why People Celebrate it?

The motto of celebrating this day is to draw the public attention globally to spread the message about the hazardous effect of consuming tobacco and its complications on others as well. It’s not only the government that will help you to leave the habit of chewing tobacco but it’s you.

You should value your life once you lost it you will never get it back. There are many people around us who have the habit of chewing tobacco. Convey your feelings to them tell them how important they are and their life is to you. If they really love you and care for you then this small effort from you may work and your dear one may quit the habit of tobacco.


“Your life is in your hand, make it worth”  So, don’t lose your life doing senseless and meaningless things. Do something that will help you to be a good person. As it’s a habit, it will take the time to quit but at least try to quit it so that you will not have to regret when you are on the last stage of life.

Only a healthy person can lead a good and happy life and will go very far in life. In order to lead a happy life, with good food, you should not get addicted to tobacco that makes you feel happy for a minute but takes your health away.

World No Tobacco Day 2019 Theme

Every year World No Tobacco Day is assigned a theme and the day is observed according to the theme. The theme for the 2018 world no tobacco day was “Tobacco and heart disease.” The theme “Tobacco and heart disease.” will focus on how the tobacco affects the health of the heart and cause heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases like stroke, which are the world’s leading causes of death. The theme also promotes the actions which can be taken by the people and health organizations to prevent the problems caused by the tobacco to the heart. 

The Theme for World No Tobacco Day 2019 is “tobacco and lung health.” The focus of this world no tobacco day 2019 theme is creating awareness about the harsh effects of chewing, smoking tobacco on our lungs causing various diseases from respiratory diseases to cancer.

The Theme for World No Tobacco Day 2019 is “tobacco and lung health” will also put lights on the importance of healthy lungs and the important role they play in our life.

World No Tobacco Day Celebration Ideas, Activities and Event Ideas

How to Celebrate WNTD?

Tobacco is harmful to human health on any day. So we must understand that we should avoid tobacco on every day of the year, not only on the no tobacco day. To truly celebrate the world no tobacco day, one should quit smoking or be chewing the tobacco if they are doing it. If you don’t do it then it’s great.

You can help others to quit tobacco usage. If you are planning to celebrate the world no tobacco day then we have some amazing no tobacco day celebration ideas, activities and event ideas you can organize. Let’s see them.

  • If you are planning to celebrate the no tobacco day at your office/workplace, then you can organize an event or activity where you can discuss the problems caused by tobacco. You can also organize a seminar in the office where a health expert can give information about the harmful side effects of tobacco use and health problems caused by it.
  • You can participate in the rallies and marathons to supports the cause.
  • You can do some volunteer work for the NGOs who are working on this campaign.
  • You can also attend the seminars and workshops about the campaign.
  • At a personal level, you can help someone to quit the tobacco consumption by educating him/her about the problems caused by tobacco and how their health is at risk.

So these were some celebration ideas, activities and events ideas to celebrate the world no tobacco day. I hope it helps you.

Tips for Essay on World No Tobacco Day 2019

  • You can write an essay in the story format also.
  • Write your essay in three logical sections: introduction, detailed concept, and conclusion.
  • Use simple language while writing the essay.

Tips for Speech on World No Tobacco Day 2019

  • Speech is not about mug up the script and speak, it is about sharing gown thoughts about the given topic.
  • Try being interactive while delivering the speech.
  • Be expressive with the emotions and gestures.
  • Try giving the speech in front of your family or friends for building up the confidence.

Tips for the Paragraph on World No Tobacco Day 2019

  • An essay and the paragraph are similar only the length limit varies.
  • Try focusing on key points while writing the paragraph.
  • Explain your topic in short and give some related points in brief.

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