World No Smoking Day 2018 Date, Information, History & Importance, Essay, Speech, Article

No Smoking Day 2018 Date, Information, history, importance, India, why to celebrate, celebration ideas and activities,

During our lifetime we pick up many habits from our daily routine and soon these habits become a part of our life. Some habits are good but some habits can affect your health in a harsh way and can even cause death. Smoking is one of such bad habits that can cause severe damage to your health and even the death. Cigarette smoking the prime type smoking and it is affecting people around the world.  Smoking cigarette is highly addictive and highly dangerous for your health at the same time. No smoking day is a global initiative started to encourage people to quit smoking and raise awareness about the harmfulness about the smoking.

In this article, we are giving you the necessary information about the world no smoking day, when it is observed, history of the world no smoking day and the importance of celebrating no smoking day. This information will help you to write an essay, speech in your school, college or for the campaign, activity or event you are planning to organize on the world no smoking day this year 2018. We have also given so celebration ideas and activities to celebrate the no smoking day. So let’s start.

World No Smoking Day 2018 Date, Information, History, Importance

The world no smoking day is a global health awareness campaign started in 1984 to encourage people who smoke to quit smoking and also to spread awareness about the health problems caused by smoking and benefits of quitting the smoking. It is observed on 2nd Wednesday of March every year across the world. The date for the world no smoking day 2018 is 14th March 2018. On this day various events, campaigns, activities are organized to raise awareness about the dangers of smoking and educate people about them and to encourage smokers to quit smoking. Each year the observance of no smoking day is accompanied by a theme which is usually a short phrase according to which the day is celebrated.

Smoking or chewing the tobacco is one of the worst habits anyone can be captured by. It is highly addictive and causes dangerous effects on the health. The habit of smoking usually starts in the teenage where teenagers start smoking due to peer pressure, to look cool and even to feel like grown-ups without realizing the harmful effects of the smoking. Even by knowing the health hazards caused by the smoking people start smoking each day.

Smoking can cause major health problems like heart disease, bronchitispneumoniastroke, and many types of cancer, where oral cancer is the most common diseased caused by smoking. Smoking also causes problems like continuous coughing, insomnia, bad breathe, throat irritation, patchy skin, and yellow teeth. Hence smoking should be quit by every smoker. 

History of World No Smoking Day

The first world no smoking day was celebrated on Ash Wednesday in 1984. Later the observance of the world no smoking day started on 2nd Wednesday of the March month every year. It is a campaign started by a London based charity named “no smoking day” which was later merged with the British Heart Foundation in 2011. Soon the campaign succeeded in seeking global attention and became popular around the world. Now many countries around the world celebrate the world no smoking day and they even have their own National No Smoking Day too. 

I think this information on World No Tobacco Day will help you too.

No Smoking Day Theme 2018

Each year a theme is assigned to the celebration of no smoking day and the day is celebrated according to this theme. The theme for no smoking day 2018 is “Tell Us Your Way”. There are many people who have successfully quit their smoking addiction by their ways. No smoking day 2018’s theme “Tell Us Your Way” will encourage people to share their ways how they quit smoking and help other people to do the same.

A hashtag #TellUsYourWay can be used on social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to share your thoughts and views about the campaign. You can also download the resource material for the no smoking day from HERE.

Importance of No Smoking Day | Why We Celebrate No Smoking Day?

So is it necessary to set aside a special day to raise this awareness about the problems caused by smoking? Yes it is. From last many decades, scientists and health experts have repeatedly warned people about the harmful outcomes of smoking. Smoking caused major health problems like heart disease, bronchitispneumoniastroke, and many types of cancer. Still, people ignore it and continue smoking and are heading on a horrible path.

It is also important to understand that even if smoking is a personal choice, smoking can also affect the health of the people who are around the smokers. Passive smoking or second-hand smoke is as dangerous as active smoking. People need to understand this and take necessary steps to maintain their health by quitting the smoking. Though the awareness should be done on every single day of the year, it is effective to assign a day to the cause. Hence it is necessary to celebrate the no smoking day every year.

National No Smoking Day in India

Smoking causes 11% of all the deaths around the world and India is one of the top 4 countries by the statistics. This is a very big problem. India a second highest population in the world and soon to be the most populated country in the world. With such high number of people, the amount of people smoking also rises. India has approximately 11.2 percent of the world’s total smokers. It is very necessary to educate the people in India about the health risks of smoking and benefits of stop smoking. No smoking day is also celebrated on 2nd Wednesday of Marth every year as rest of the world. On this day various activities, events and organized across India to support the initiative.

No Smoking Day 2018 Celebration Ideas, Activities | How to Celebrate the No Smoking Day?

No smoking day is celebrated across the world to raise awareness about the health hazards of smoking and the benefits of quitting the smoking. On this day many events, activities, campaigns like marathons, rallies, health camps, seminars, workshops are organized. So, we thought we can do our bit too by giving you some ideas and sample activities to perform on the no smoking day in your school, college, office, and organisation.

  • Seminars and workshops can be conducted by the school, college, office by inviting a  guest lecturer/health expert to give knowledge about the smoking.
  • Participate in the rallies or marathons to support the cause.
  • Educate people around you about the disadvantages of smoking.
  • If you know any smoker then encourage him/her to quit smoking.
  • Teenagers are most probable to fall prey to smoking, hence educating the students about this is very important. Schools and colleges and conduct seminar in the school and college.
  • Organise a health camp in your community to raise awareness about the smoking.

I hope this information helps you in your work. If you liked our humble attempt to help, then please rate this article and let us know your views and suggestions in the comment section below. Thank you. 🙂

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