World Maths Day 2019 Date, Activities, Celebration Ideas | Essay, Speech, Article

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How awesome it would be if we could just win a grand prize for solving some mathematical problems! We wouldn’t be calling them “problems” then. 😀 Have you ever wondered that is there any international day for maths? Well, there is. World Maths Day is here 2019. Let’s find out more about it.

World Maths Day 2019 Date, Activities, Celebration Ideas | Essay, Speech, Article

World Maths Day is an international online mathematical competition organized by educational resource provider 3P Learning. 3P Learning is an online educational resource provider designed for schools and families which covers Mathematics, Spelling, and Literacy.  3P Learning also provides some famous educational resources like Mathletics, Spellodrome, and IntoScience. The World Maths Day is celebrated on 1st Wednesday of March every year and it is organized by the World Education Games which is the parent organization. 

World Maths Day 2019 | History & Purpose

So when was the first World Maths Day celebrated? How did it begin? The first world Maths Day was celebrated on March 14, 2007, which coincided with World Pi day and also it is the birthday of famous scientist and theoretical physicist Albert Einstein. And from that year, it is held on 1st Wednesday of March every year.

The purpose of World Maths Day is to encourage students to create interest in mathematics and to take a break from the monotonous maths classes in school and participate in a globally competitive environment where students can showcase their talent on a global platform.

How the World Maths Day Works? How to Play World Maths Day?

So this is how the World Maths Day works. The participants in the competition will be playing 60 seconds of mathematics games on a platform based on “Live Matheletics”. The competition involves mental math problems appropriate for each age group which will test the accuracy and speed of the students as they compete against other students online across the world.

The amazing and innovative idea of combining the features of online multiplayer gaming with mathematics has contributed to its popularity around the world. The competition lets the participants compete in competitive maths-themed games. The games are divided into several levels. Each level has a difficulty level where the difficulty of the questions increases as the level increases. The winners are given medals and certificates.

How to Participate in World Maths Day Competition?

Anyone can take part in the World Maths Day competition. A student, a teacher, the principal of the school and person of any age can participate in the contest. You just have to signup or register on their website. You have to fill in some basic information about you like your name, email id, address, school name, school address, country, zip code, contact details etc.

Once you enter all the details you need to hit the register button and you will see a message saying that they will keep you updated with all the updates and news about the world maths day via email. You can signup/register on their official websites:

You can register at 3P Learning or Register at World Maths Day. Both contain the same registration form page.

World Maths Day Rankings and Results / Hall of Fame

Now you can see the rankings and results of the world maths day competition at your fingertips. A live global Hall of Fame will display real-time results alongside top scoring and ranking students and schools. The Hall of Fame will feature all the winners and top ranking individuals and schools in that list.

Highlights and Facts about World Maths Day 2019

  • More than 20,000 schools and 4 million students around the world will be participating in the 2018 World Maths Day competition.
  • The entire event of World Maths Day is completely free.
  • World Maths Day created a Guinness World Record for the Largest Online Maths Competition in 2010.
  • The World Maths Day and World Education Games are now supported by UNICEF as a global charity partner.
  • The first World Maths Day was held in 2007 where 287000 students from 98 countries answered 38,904,275 questions.
  •  In 2013, world maths day was held between 5–7 March and the awards were presented at the Sydney Opera House, Australia to the winners.

2019 World Maths Day Assembly, Activities, Celebration Ideas for Schools, Teachers

To celebrate World Maths Day 2019 in schools, teachers can organize various activities to encourage the students about mathematics. Here are some sample activities and celebration ideas to celebrate World Maths Day 2019.

      1.  Mathematical Treasure Hunt

We all love the treasure hunt, right? So this world maths day 2019 teachers can set up a mathematical treasure hunt where the clues will consist of the mathematical problems. The participating team has to solve the clues which will lead them to the next clue. The winning team will get a price. You can decide the difficulty level of maths problems in the clue according to which grade the students are. The difficulty levels should increase with each coming clue.

     2.  Mathematical Puzzles and Quizzes

Teachers can also give mathematical puzzles and quizzes to the students and ask them to solve them. Make sure the puzzles are tricky or maybe funny too. This way the students won’t find it boring.

     3. Real Life Maths Experience

Teachers can take the class outside the school say a small field trip to show them how the math works in real life. Examples such as finding the area of school premises, the number of trees on campus, calculating the speed of the school bus, etc. Students will find this amusing and they will definitely take part in it.

    4. Costume Competition

A costume competition for the students where they have to dress up as any mathematical, term, theorem, a diagram in geometry or whatever related to the mathematics and explain who they are in front of the class. Students will find this really exciting.

   5. Mathematical Presentation and Poster Making Contest

Teachers can ask students to make a presentation on a specific mathematical concept and explain it to the class. Teachers can also organize a poster making competition based on a maths related theme.

The world maths day is also celebrated on 15th October every year, according to some websites, but we are not sure about it.

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    • Hello Aleena. I am sorry to inform you that the test timing for India was 3:30pm Tuesday 6 March, which was yesterday. If you still want to try for next year, then its an online test and you can register on their official website. The links are given in the article.

    • Hello Zunaira… I am sorry to inform you that the test timing for India was 3:30 pm Tuesday 6 March, which was yesterday. If you still want to try for next year, then it’s an online test and you can register on their official website.. The links are given in the article.

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