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We are living on the such a wonderful planet having rich and varied heritage. Heritage can be understood as some tangible and intangible historical or cultural assets that are conserved and later passed on from one generation to another generation. It gives a unique identity to the country.  Heritage is something that reminds us of history created by the people those live in different timings and different societies before we were born. This history boosts the respect in our mind for those people.

So it’s our duty to preserve our heritage for us and for our next generation. Because the cost of creating new places, the building is too much expensive so “Don’t try to destroy the one which you can’t afford to buy”.  Instead of creating new one try to preserve old one. 18 April is celebrated as International Monuments and Sites Day or World Heritage Day. This day celebrated to spread awareness about protecting our heritage. In this article, we are going to give some core information about world heritage day. This information will be very helpful to give a speech, to write an essay in school and college competitions. Take this information as a reference. You can add your thoughts and views in it.

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Huge mountains, big oceans it makes the earth more beautiful but what makes earth so colorful is caves that are made by ancient people, towers that are so high, huge tombs etc. By seeing it one can feel mesmerized. So, it is our duty to protect our heritage and try to keep them alive for our next generation. The idea of conserving heritage came into the picture in 1967. The white house conference called in united nations for world heritage conservation and later in 1983, the idea of protecting heritage was approved by UNESCO. UNESCO is a united nation educational, scientific and cultural organization which is located on Place de Fontenoy in Paris. The main purpose of this organization is to maintain value for our heritage that connects people of the different community, groups through education, science or culture.

World heritage day was previously called as International Monuments and Sites Day. World heritage site is a landmark which is officially recognized by united nations. Every country needs to list its cultural and historical sites. This tentative list is then sent for approval to the UNESCO.  The committee of UNESCO will decide which site should be known as a heritage site. But it has some selection criteria and on the basis of these criteria, UNESCO declares the place as world heritage site.  Heritage is divided into two different parts that are natural heritage and cultural heritage.  Natural heritage refers to the flora, fauna, ecosystem and geographical structure. Cultural heritage may include tangible cultural heritage and intangible cultural heritage.

Tangible cultural heritage includes some historical buildings and places that need to be preserved for the next generation. These objects include science or technology, archeology, architecture or some specific culture. Intangible heritage refers to the expressions, knowledge, skills as well as instruments, arts, that associated with the community or group of people recognized as cultural heritage. There are total ten criteria for cultural heritage and natural heritage. The list consist of 962 areas out of them 745 are listed as cultural heritage sites,188 are listed natural heritage sites and 29  sites are mixed.

Selection Criteria for Cultural Heritage and Natural Heritage:

While selecting the cultural heritage site it should exhibit some important interchange of human values, over a span of time. It should show some outstanding human skills and cultural significance. To get the tag of unique it has some exceptional qualities in case of tradition & culture. It should have some history behind it that inspire us or make us feel amazing after seeing it. The history must be associated with events, with artistic work, with living traditions, with ideas and beliefs. The area of land used or sea used or the architecture of huge buildings which has shows the culture should represent significant stage in  human history.

Natural heritage also have some selection criteria. The area should contain exceptional natural beauty and asthetic importance. It must be an outstanding example of earth’s history including the record of life, a geological process in the development of landform.  It should represent ecological and biological processes in the developement of terrestrial, fresh water, coastal, marine ecosystem. It should contain natural habitats for the conservation of plants and animals.

If we look at the statistics of world heritage sites till now the list of world heritage site consist of total 1052 sites out of them  814 are listed as cultural heritage sites, 203 are listed natural heritage sites and 63 sites are mixed. The world heritage Commitee divide the world into five different regions that are Africa, Arab states, Asia and Pacific, Europe and North America, Latin America and Caribbean. Out of this five zones Europe and north America has 499 heritage sites, Asia and pacific has 247 sites. Latin America and Caribbean has 138, Africa 90 and Arab states has 81 sites.

World Heritage Day 2018 Theme

Every year a theme is associated with the celebration of World Heritage Day. For this year 2018 the theme for World Heritage Day is “World Heritage Day: Sustainable Tourism”

World Heritage Day 2018 Celebration Ideas, Activities, Events

There are many Different ways of celebrating this day. This is the only day we can cherish our rich heritage. Also, it is a collective effort by community people to do something needful that can help in conservation of heritage

  • Make posters of protecting heritage and conduct rallies from every school and college. This is just a small approach to spread awareness of preserving our heritage.
  • On this day  every school and college should conduct speech, essay, quiz competitons that can help to build knowledge of student about heritage.
  • You can visit some nearby historical places, try to know more about those places and if possible try keep it clean by picking up garbage from surrounding area.


“It is not the honor that you take with you but the heritage that you leave behind.”

To live the ancient culture, tradition it necessary to protect and preserve variety of cultural and historical places.


Tips for Essay World Heritage Day 2018

  1. Leave some space at the start of the page and then start writing. Though it’s a small tip but it can make a difference in scoring good marks.
  2. You can take reference from other sources to get more information about your topic but don’t just write as it is, try to add your points, your views, your ideas and try to describe it.
  3. Don’t interrupt the flow between the sections.
  4. You can use phrases, quotes if needed.Your impact will be good on the reader if you start your essay with some phrases or quotes.
  5. While concluding your topic sum up all your thoughts considering positive and negative views and It should be at least 3-4 simple but inspiring lines.
  6. Handwriting is a good way to score more marks. It’s fine if your handwriting is not good but it should be neat and clean not so big not so small but should be visible.
  7. Make use of dark ink pen while writing an essay.

Tips for speech on World Heritage Day 2018

  1. Don’t just mug up the topic, better read the topic understand the topic add your thoughts in it.
  2. Be interactive with the audience. Ask questions, crack jokes or tell some related experiences to the topic.
  3. If you are going go to give a speech for the first time it may possible that you may get nervous. Don’t panic. Here is a simple exercise you can try at home before going for speech. Prepare your topic, stand in front of the mirror and start speaking.
  4. Be loud while giving a speech it should be audible to every audience. Avoid mumbling and the most important thing is to avoid using fillers like so and so, like etc.
  5. Your gesture and hand movements can make a good impression on the audience.

This is a sincere approach to share our thoughts and views. If you like please let us know by commenting below in the comment box. 🙂

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