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We know that 4th February is celebrated as World Cancer Day all over the world. World cancer day is celebrated to spread awareness about cancer. Various people, organizations, government setup marathons, event to spread the awareness about cancer. You might be a school or medical college students participating in School or college speech, essay competition. And you need to know how to write a speech or essay on cancer. Here is the format you can use for the speech.

To use the following information for essay or paragraph writing you should skip one to one speaking part of speech. We know you are smart enough to do that. So, let’s jump to a sample cancer speech.


World Cancer Day 2019 Theme, Essay, Speech


A lot of people don’t understand that cancer is caused by DNA mutations, which is happening right now in your body and my body too. I am not trying to scare you but that’s the truth. Our body’s defense mechanism fights such DNA mutations. 1 in the millions of DNA mutation causes cancer.

I hope none of you and your family, friends go through this. But my father went through this. We as a family have seen it all first hand. He went through a surgery where an affected organ was partially removed then series of chemotherapy session.

All this was unbearable for him and as a family, we tried our best to help him to fight the battle. But, unfortunately, he lost the battle with cancer. We lost him a few months back. That day I decided to spread information about cancer wherever, whenever possible.

We all know that cancer is deadly but not all understands why it happens and how it affects the body. Three main causes of cancer are random mutations, chemical carcinogens, and sunlight. Let’s talk about Random Mutations. As I said earlier random mutation happens all the time, we don’t have any control over it, they are totally unpreventable. These mutations may occur over time and cause cancer. Sometimes a single mutation can cause cancer and sometimes series or mutation over time can cause cancer.

The second cause, chemical carcinogens which are little bit preventable. These are the things which we eat, breathe, touch; these are the things from the outside world. Two most common chemical carcinogens are tobacco and alcohol. These substances lead to more DNA mutation, which may or may not cause cancer. Some of the recent studies are showing signs that preservative added in food products might contribute to the DNA mutations.

Now the third main cause of cancer is Sun. A lot of us don’t know it or take it lightly. Here we are talking about UV rays which cause sunburns and skin cancer. Do you know why people with pale skin take sunbath? They tan their skin to build a defense mechanism which will reflect those UV rays. If you don’t know, let me tell you that over the time sunlight may directly affect the DNA in the skin.



In conclusion, yes cancer is a brutal disease but a lot of people don’t understand how one gets it. Hopefully, I was able to tell you the top reasons which cause cancer. In short, we can say “Cancer is all about the DNA mutations”. Hopefully, research happening all over the world may able to prevent and revert these mutations.

On that note let me thank you for your time.

Note: Please note that I am not a medical researcher or a doctor. This speech is for reference only. You should always get the stats and information from valid sources. Cancer is a very big subject. This article is written to demonstrate how to structure the speech around the topic.

Tips for Cancer Day Speech, Essay

  1. Always get the stats and information from the valid source. Cancer is a very vast topic. We have given you some references to look at.
  2. For the speech part, rather than mugging up the cancer speech script try to learn what cancer is. We have given some videos and animation references links in the reference section.
  3. For essay skip the one to one communication part of the speech. Don’t add the header in essay writing.
  4. For paragraph writing, you can add headers like introduction, impact, and conclusion.
  5. Practice the speech in front of a mirror to gather more confidence.
  6. You can even use the above information in anchoring script if you are hosting such an event.



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