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Leading a big organisation or handling a team of thousands of people isn’t a joke. It’s a big responsibility. There is always a big debate in the corporate and social circles that whether a woman can handle such a big leadership and managerial responsibilities. Nowadays women are working in all the fields as men with same credentials and ability which tells that women are not less than men. There are always two sides to the coin and here will be trying to do cover both sides of it.

It is one of the most asked Group Discussion (GD) topics in recruitment interview process. There are always two sides to the group discussion, one is in favour of the topic and other against it. Then someone will conclude the discussion. Here in this article, we are giving you pros and cons on the topic which you can use for your GD round. In the first part, we will see how and why women can be good leaders and in the second part will see what are the impediments which hold them back.

Let’s see these points in brief.

Positive (in Favour)

  • Mother as being women is playing a tremendous role as a manager of the home. She manages all household work, grows her children, maintains all things & calculations at home. She also takes care of financial and personal situations, she needs to deal with relatives from both sides of the family. This shows that she has all the abilities which a great manager needs.
  • There are many examples of women who excelled in their professions e.g. Kalpana Chawla who was the first Indian women to fly in space. Savitribai Phule was the one who initiated for girl’s education and achieved success in it, she was the first one to lead such movement for girls in India.
  • Women have more patience than men do which leads women to adapt to any situation calmly.
  • Nowadays there are many women who are doing job/business and simultaneously they are doing all their household work as well, this show that they can multitask, which one very important quality of the good manager.

Negative (Against)

  • Yes, women may fail as a leader sometimes because they are in general emotional and compassionate, which may affect their decision-making abilities in difficult situations.
  • Some women may sometimes refrain themselves from decision making as they never want to harm or create trouble for anybody.
  • Sometimes women can be emotionally weak which makes them seek support or advice; which is not a quality of a good leader.
  • Many times, women fail as being a leader because they are never given chance to lead in our country which decreased their confidence.
  • In a democratic country like India, women are always given second preference which stopped their thinking as being a leader or managing something.
  • Situations like marriage, baby birth, in-law’s conflicts, male ego sometimes make them compromise with leadership or big managerial opportunities.


As discussed above, it can be concluded that women can be good leader or manager if they are given the opportunity and platform with the same respect as men. They have all the qualities and aspect but they just need to believe in themselves first and cruise ahead crossing all the tranches created by society and situations.

Tips for Group Discussion Round

  1. Please note that this is a group discussion, not a debate. Generally, candidates forget this and they talk arrogantly, they try to prove each point.
  2. A candidate who initiates the discussion may get extra points. Taking initiative is one of the most important signs of a good leader.
  3. The discussion is with other candidates not with HR or coordinator. Try to face and interact with fellow candidates.
  4. Be clear and active while speaking your point.
  5. Listen to all other candidate’s points and show your participation in the group discussion.
  6. Whether in favour or against the topic but stick to your point till the end of discussion.
  7. Avoid cutting the statement from other candidate but still, try to find opportunities to speak in transitions.
  8. Yes, spoken English is important but clarity and delivery of your thoughts is more important in GD round.

Note: these points are written for sake of discussion over the topic, this don’t represent writer or company’s views.

You can have your own opinion on the topic and that is good. Actually, that’s what GD is arranged for. You can express your views in the comment box.

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