Why We Indians Love FRIENDS (TV Series)

Why we Indians love FRIENDS

I’ll be there for you
When the rain starts to pour
I’ll be there for you
Like I’ve been there before
I’ll be there for you
”cause you’re there for me too…

What pops into your mind when you read these lines? Yes. The title track of FRIENDS. And I bet you couldn’t read those lines without singing it. I still remember spending 12 to 14 hours of the day watching FRIENDS series, because I am more like a “One season a day” kind of guy. So, what made FRIENDS so lovable that we used to laugh with them and even cry with them? Was that Chandler’s hilarious jokes and sarcasm or Joey’s charming looks yet a dimwitted nature. Was that Monica’s OCD for cleanliness and competitiveness or Ross & Rachel’s romantic “On-Off” relationship? And who don’t love the childish, ‘weird-one’ Pheobe?

There are many reasons why we, Indian love FRIENDS so much. I am sure you’ll agree with the following things.

Sense of freedom

FRIENDS is the journey of the lives of six friends living in New York City. They hang out together, they make fun of each other, they support each other in their ups and downs. And most importantly they are of their own. This creates the sense of freedom somewhere in our mind. As an Indian, we start sensing responsibilities in our earlier age. Right from admitting into the school we become a part of a rat race and get so consumed in that we don’t enjoy the simple joys of our life. So we somehow relate to every character in the FRIENDS and they portray every individual aspect of our life. Chandler being stuck at a boring same routine job where no one appreciates his existence, Joey is a struggling actor who wants to become a famous actor. Pheobe had a rough childhood. Rachel left her wealthy parents to become an independent working woman. Monica is a chef and wants to open her own restaurant and also she’s starving to be at the level of her mother’s expectations. This depicts every individual’s life who is fighting with something.

Way Better Source of Entertainment

As we know, Indian TV series are infected by the “Saas-Bahu” virus. There isn’t any TV Series or programmes made especially for young people. Therefore the Indian youth turned their backs on Indian TV shows and appreciated the FRIENDS Series. But why FRIENDS? The answer is simple. FRIENDS has a significant level of humour and sarcasm. Chandler’s spot on Jokes, Joey’s love for food and Pheobe’s dumb moments always make us ROFL, then why would anyone watch those stupid zero-logic daily soaps.

Job Status

In India, do you ever heard a girl saying that she finds the pizza delivery guy cute, or she likes the fireman a lot? No, because in India a person’s status is determined by what job he or she does.(There is blink sign of change, but still not significant). Doctors, engineers are the individuals who have are more respected in society than other jobs. In FRIENDS there’s a struggling actor, a massage giver, a waitress, a chef, and a fashion designer, working in the museum these are professions of the characters. Everyone is treated equally. Everyone supports and encourage each other’s career choices. There are no superheroes who wins every time, and all other admire them.

Why Indian Loves friends tv Series

Warner Bros, NBC



So what came to your mind by reading that line? Yes, Ross and Rachel or Roschel as many of us call them.
In India Being on a break in a relation is an unknown thing. Like many other such as having sex before marriage, a girl proposing a guy or flirting with him, the same gender relationships, girl and guy talking and joking about sex, a girl dating a man way older than her, these things are taboo in the Indian society. In FRIENDS you can see all this stuff very casual way. We Indians enjoyed watching these things because it was very unfamiliar yet tempting for us.

Peer Pressure

Yes, you read it right, in India, you are not considered cool unless you are doing that every other in your circle or group is doing. You find yourself isolated when your other friends are talking in your WhatsApp group about the sarcastic jokes of Chandler and you don’t even have the idea who is Chandler. So a guy has to watch the series even he doesn’t want to, to just keep up with friends. There’s no doubt the show is amazing, but it’s not necessary that everyone finds it worth it to give a shot.

There are so many other things that we found adorable about the show. So why do you like FRIENDS so much? Let us know in the comment section below.

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