Why Teenagers Are Misunderstood by Parents, Society and Everyone?

Why Teenagers are misunderstood

Teenagers are stereotyped as rebellious, moody, arrogant and undependable. Why does that happen? Do all teenagers are like that? Can we generalize it? Let’s explore all possible options on this topic. I need help from you guys here, please share your opinion in comments, so that we get a broader and realistic view on the topic. You can share this article on FB and request friends to comment on their own opinion.

Most of the parents in some sense think teenagers are rebellious, irresponsible etc. But, if you are a teen then you will see it differently. Teens say parents are restrictive, they don’t understand us, don’t spend time with us. So on and so forth. Did you guys find some pattern here? Both teens and parent stick to their views. They don’t try to understand other’s views. Why does that happen? It is easy to blame somebody for our problem, but it really takes guts to face the problem.

And that’s exactly what both teens and their parents need to do. If you are a teen reading this, then you will say parents should understand us. And if you are a parent of teen then you will say they should listen to us and respect us. You both are right, and that’s exactly the point is. I’ll tell you the secret when your parents were teenagers they felt exactly like you (but according to their time).

And when you will become a parent of a teenager after a couple of decades, somehow you will also be going to end up like your parents (but a little better version compared to 2017, but still not in sync with your children’s expectation at that time). It’s a catch 22 guys. That is why both of you need to help each other to find a solution.

If there are two sides involves in the problem then there must two sides in the solution too. Isn’t it obvious? Though the formula is simple, its execution is difficult. Because there are a lot of facets involve here from both sides; emotions, social pressure, peer to peer pressure, ego, willingness to listen, adaptability and much more.

As this article is mostly going to be read by teenagers. Let’s see what we can do from our side. Let me tell you about my own experience. I was under depression for almost 9 to 10 years, roughly from the age of 14 to 24/25. I was an introvert, having extremely low self-esteem, no confidence at all. I blamed parents, siblings, a girl whom I loved like anything (one-sided- as expected L ).

Parents were my main target, I expected some moral comfort from them, I wanted to experience the love that they have for me. These things went for almost a decade.

After a long time, I myself found a solution to my problem. Later that year, I thought what if I had shared my problem with my parents at a very early stage of it. I could have got word of encouragement and that could have helped me. But I never told them. I kept burning inside. I never told them so it never happened. Now I understand their point of view, they were working hard to win bread and butter for the family. Also, they need to pay my hefty engineering fees (all we 4 siblings did engineering degree with no concession in fees).

What I am trying to say is, rather than expecting action from parents you take the initiative. Speak with them, put your point on the table. Discuss. No one can tell you the probability of the type of outcome. Either you will break the ice with them, they will understand you or they will not understand you. At least you will be in a better position than never letting them know.

Ultimately I was able to come out of depression when I found the root cause of it. For those so many years, I was trying to solve the symptoms of the disease and never thought about the real problem.

My problem was that I used to hate my self, for so many reasons. Sometimes I knew reasons, sometimes I don’t, somehow I was feeling ok to hate my self. One day I realize if I HATE MYSELF then how on the earth other will love or like me. Bazinga!! Now I knew my real problem.

That day onwards, I put myself on top of the priority list and things changed dramatically and so fast that I couldn’t fathom it. I started to take care of myself, joined the gym, got back in shape. Tried to open up to people. More I talk with more I learned about them and me too. I was not the only one who was the pain, everyone is in. I learned from their experiences.

I started to learn new things (some online courses- I like engineering 🙂 ) that kept me away from those self-pity thoughts. I felt confident. And then things started rolling automatically, still, I don’t know how.

That’s my story and solution. Share your solutions too, your story might help somebody.

One more thing guys, calm down, take it slow. Problems come with life, they are never going to end. They keep coming back in different shapes and form. The only way is to face them, fight them and move ahead. That worked for me, that might work for you too.

I know this is not the only way to solve this problem. We need to understand all aspect of it. I want to request all of you guys not to just read it and leave it. Share your opinion, views, experience, and other possible solutions. Our collective experiences can help somebody to solve their problem. So once again,

Don’t just read and leave, take an action, share your views. Your opinion matters.

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  • buddy so here’s my point all my life i have stayed away from my parents in a hostel like every since i was a kid so basically i have never had the habit of anyone taking decisions for me and now when m back at my place my parents they treat as if m still a baby they don’t lemme go out without anyone and if one on then driver anywhere i have to go like literally, then they literally choke me with the words “BACCHA LOG KYA KHENGE” fuck them man and on the other hand don’t care about society …… seriously i have tried my level best with them and the problem is they don’t get my needs like i have been their dear daughter no dating and blah blah been a good student thought out my school life (m still in school but will pass out in few months) giving them a good academic result so why the don’t they get my needs???? I know they sound damn annoying but the truth is they really are and literally sick

    • Hi there,

      First of all Calm Down. Every problem has a solution. Let me tell you I am not a counselor or psychiatric of some sort. I have been through similar problems and I learned to deal with my own experiences. Everyone has unique situations and problems.

      I have updated the post and shared my solution which worked for me. Read, it. Think about it and reply again. And once again, calm down. Life is a beautiful thing.

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