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When Death Falls In Love With Life – A Tear Jerking Video

Death is not a contradiction to life, but a profound teacher about the meaning of human existence.

– Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

We spend our lives in procrastination saying “I will do this some other day” or “I will do that after I complete this.“, the time slips by and before we know it we are facing death before we could achieve anything, without letting people know how much they mean to you and without opening the real treasures of life. But when the final moment comes, it’s too late for regret.

Life and death go in hand in hand. Some will say death is the opposite of life, but I think the life also comes from death, or from a lack-of-life, as if life were being created out of nothing.

I came across this video. It depicts the beautiful relation between life and death and is nicely portrayed with hand-drawn video. A must watch.

The Life of Death from Marsha Onderstijn on Vimeo.

Share it with your loved ones. 🙂

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