Forget the Dress, What Color Is The Shoe? Teal and Gray or Pink and White? Color Debate 2.0

What Color Is The Shoe Teal Green and Gray or Pink and White Dress

What Color is the Dress? Remember the “The Dress” debate happened in 2015. Was it Gold and White or Blue and Black? How did you saw it? Put your science hat on, here is the color Debate 2.0.

People going crazy over these pair of Vans shoes. Following is the image going viral over the internet, some see the teal (green/aqua/mint) and grey and some see pink and white. What do you see?

Here are both pictures of Vans Trainer Shoes together.

What Color Is The Shoe Teal and Gray or Pink and White Green mint Aqua Dress Sneakers

Actual color of the shoes is a light shade of pink and white. Like the “The Dress” we see a different color combination of the shoe like green (teal or mint to be specific) and gray or pink and white is depended the how you as individual perceive the colors.

This is great for Vans Shoes, last time they rose up after “Damn Daniel” viral videos and this time again they are going to take over with these sneakers.

These shoes are for real and available on Vans Website. They call it “OLD SKOOL” a classic skate shoe with white side stripes. An actual color variant which is going viral is “Mahogany Rose and True White”, they have total 19 color variants but none is Green / Teal and Gray combination.

Vans Mahogany Pink and True White Viral Shoes Green Grey

So the final answer to “What Color Is The Shoe? Teal and Gray or Pink and White?” is “It’s Mahogany Rose and True White”. Period.

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