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Vote of Thanks Speech for Independence Day Function in School, College

Independence Day Vote of thanks

This 15th August is the 71st independence day of India, and on this day almost all of school and colleges will have independence day celebration event. All schools and colleges host the flag in the morning then sing our national anthem and Vande Mataram. Each school arranges some kind of event after that like speech, essay competitions or other types of functions. At the end of any function, the host has a responsibility to thank the participants, guests, organizing team, etc. Hence we have written this vote of thanks for independence day function in school in English.

We have given a complete set of Independence day articles for you guys. You can find Independence Day Essay, Speech and anchoring script by following given links and here we have a sample vote of thanks for independence day functions for school and colleges.  So, shall we start?

Vote of Thanks Speech for Independence Day in English

Honorable chief guest, Principal sir, all teachers, staff members, and friends very good morning to you all. I feel honored and privileged to get an opportunity to propose a vote of thanks on this year’s independence day celebration.

Koi Bhi Desh Perfect Nahin Hota, Use perfect Banana Padata Hai…. Yes, I am proud to be an Indian, I take pride in my Indian identity but are we the best country? Are we the best people on the planet. I am afraid to say, “No”. But we have all potential, power to be one. As Mr. Chief guest rightly mentioned, this responsibility lies on the shoulders of the youth of this country, with you, me, with us. And I am very much sure that every Young Turk here feels the same zeal and enthusiasm to make our country great.

On that note, let me thank the chief guest of the event Retired Major General Rathor Sir. Let me tell you two words “Thank You” are not enough to appreciate your and our Army’s contribution to the safety of India. We are proud of you; because of you, we are safe. Today you graced us with your extensive knowledge of Indian war history. You also raised concern that a common Indian don’t respect our defense forces. Let me tell you, sir, we all are proud of you and your sacrifices.

Mr. Principal, let me thank you for allowing to extend a vote of thanks for our school’s annual independence celebration. Along with you, I would like to thank all the teachers and staff members. You are the key to the success of this event. You were there from start, from planning to execution.

I also like you thank students committees, organizing team and volunteers. Without you, this event would not have been so successful. Last but not least let me thank our sponsors. Delicious breakfast is sponsored by Shetty Caterers and beverages are sponsored by our local organic juice company “OrganiCo”. Let us have a big round of applaud for all.

Complete Anchoring Script for Independence Day Celebration in School

Now, I declare this event. Thank you once again.
Bharat Mata Ki Jay (3), Vande Mataram(3)

Tips for Vote of Thanks for Independence Day

  1. Always thank your organization which gave you an opportunity to present a vote of thanks.
  2. Don’t forget to thank volunteers, sponsors of the event.
  3. Collect some data about the f guest, so that you can use that in your speech.
  4. You can find the samples, template for a vote of thanks and Quotes for Vote of Thanks here…

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