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Vote of Thanks for Annual Day Function in School, College in English

Vote of Thanks for School College Annual Day Function

A lot of functions, events, seminar, days are observed in any school, college, university throughout the academic year. For example school hosts functions like inaugural/foundation day, annual day, sports day, republic day, independence day, music day, etc. Hence, here we have given the vote of thanks for annual day function, events in college, school in English.

One common and important thing in all these school and college functions is a vote of thanks or in other words expressing the gratitude. This section of anchoring happens at the end of the event. It is very important to acknowledge and appreciate the invaluable time and suggestion given by chief guests, speaker and other guests of the day.

Along with them, one must thank their own team and sponsors for making the function successful. Here in this article, we have a given a sample vote of thanks speech script, we have taken example of school or college annual day, but the same format can be for other events like sports day, Foundation day, etc with a little bit of modification. To know more about a Vote of Thanks, Samples, Templates, Quotesetc visit the given link.

Vote of Thanks for Annual Day Function in School, College in English

Honorable Chief guest, invited dignitaries, Principal madam, teachers, students, ladies, and gentlemen, good morning to all of you. It is my honor and privilege to extend a vote of thanks on this august occasion. I would like to thank Principal madam for giving me this opportunity.

John F. Kennedy said, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

Today my words are not enough to express the gratitude. On behalf of our school, I would like to thank our Chief Guest for the day, Mrs. Shriya Shastri, State Education Council Member, who graced us with her eminent presence and guidance.

Madam, your suggestions are very useful to us students. We will try to follow your instructions on time and stress management. We will also try to use online references you suggested for us.

I would also like to thank the parents’ community present here. Because of your participation and presence we are able to pull such important events. Your inputs on travel arrangements were noted by our transport committee and they have conveyed their message that appropriate armaments will be done. Thank You for your support and inputs.

I would also like to thank the students’ committee and volunteers. This event was not possible without your invaluable contribution. You worked day and night for this event. Thank You very much, friends.

Last but not the list, I would like to thank our digital media and hospitality sponsors. Snacks and beverages sponsored by Cafezilla were delicious. Our digital partner SynergyMedia whose CEO is our school’s alumnus will be posting pictures of our event on their education portal and magazine.

Finally, I will leave you all with this inspiring Sanskrit Shlok,

किमत्र बहुनोक्तेन शास्त्रकोटि शतेन च ।
दुर्लभा चित्त विश्रान्तिः विना गुरुकृपां परम् ॥

Once again I thank you all for your attention.

A vote of thanks for School/College Annual Day Function

Honorable Chief Guest Mrs. XYZ, Principal Madam/Head of Department/Dean/VC, respected teachers, staff members, parents, and my friends; a very good evening. Let me start with thanking the school administration for allowing to propose the vote of thanks. Thank you very much for believing in my abilities to present the vote of thanks.

John F. Kennedy once said, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.“. And we XYZ School do believe in this. I am Jacob Francis, here to express my gratitude our chief guest of the day Mr. XYZ.

You grace us with your invaluable time and suggestion about newer methods of teaching. Your advice is going to help our school/college to explore newer methods of teaching and a way to improve our quality of education for our students. we are excited to know that, you even agreed to guide us through the changes.

Principal Madam, my hearty congratulations for this year successful annual day. As you presented in your annual school report, this year is special for us, you as a guide lead us to a lot of victories. Your dedication, perseverance always inspire us, we are blessed to have a leader like you. On behalf of the whole school, I thank you for your uplifting leadership and work ethics.

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Children learn more from what you are than what you teach.” School, teachers come second, but your parent is a maiden guide for your children. We thank you all parent for allowing your children to be part of our school. We are obliged to give the best of education and life values too. Mr. Prakash Jha noted that teachers and school administration should not be given electoral responsibilities. We are happy to see that parents are standing with teachers on such important issues.

Allow me to thank our school non-teaching staff, sports coordinator, clerks, and administrators. We appreciate your efforts to keep the school running on schedule, without your efforts and dedication it will be very difficult to achieve it.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, American essayist and poet once said, “The secret in education lies in respecting the students“. On behalf of our school/college let me express my gratitude to all you students for being disciplined and honest. We cherish your academic and sports achievements.

In the end, let me thank you all one again. Because of you all, this annual day has become bigger, grander this year. Thank You All.

Tips for Vote of Thanks for the Annual Day Function

  • Make sure that your thank you speech is not more than 3 minutes.
  • If the event is stretched more than planned schedule then try to shorten the time. People must have tired, they will not be interested in listening to one more big speech. And if guests, speakers don’t listen to it then what’s the use of the speech in the first place.
  • Thank you school/college administration/committee for allowing you to present the thank you note.
  • If the event is sponsored, don’t forget to thank the sponsors. They give you money, services or support for the event, it costs them. Until and unless they are volunteering for it you must acknowledge them.
  • You can talk about the crucial and important point noted throughout the day but keep it short. This is not mandatory, but if you chose to do it then don’t make the mistakes in understanding the point you are going to appreciate. If you are new to the stage then it’s better to avoid it.
  • Appreciate individuals if they have given very important suggestions, advice, etc.
  • If there is a small number of people then you can express your gratitude by addressing them individually. But if the list of guests, speakers, parents, teachers or participants are big then it is better to group them and then address them.
  • Avoid repetitions, don’t use overused words. You can write a script with basic words and then later improve the vocabulary.
  • Generally, people miss it but never forget to thank students, non-teaching staff, administrative staff, etc. Students are the reason for schools and colleges. Right? If there are no students how schools and colleges will work. But most of the time students are taken for granted. I think by appreciating not only the brightest but all students you are giving them respect and sense of acknowledgment. Students feel good about it.
  • Use famous quotes but at the right places. Optional but it gives a good depth to your script.

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