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Vote of Thanks for Kindergarten Graduation Day Ceremony Speech Script

Vote of Thanks for Kindergarten Graduation Day Ceremony Speech Script

Kindergarten education prepares the children for their further formal grade education. In kindergarten, children learn while playing. They learn about shapes, colors, reasonings, etc which will build a foundation for their further learning.  After the completion of kindergarten education, these students are graduated. Preschools organize a kindergarten graduation day ceremony. And I am sure you are here because you have given a responsibility to present the vote of thanks for kindergarten graduation day ceremony.

Then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have given you the best sample vote of thanks, speech script to thank the people who attended and took efforts to successfully complete the ceremony. Also here is a full Kindergarten Graduation Day Ceremony Anchoring Script and sample speeches for principal, chief guest, teacher, parents, students. So, let’s start.

Vote of Thanks for Kindergarten Graduation Day Ceremony Speech Script

Good morning everyone, our honourable chief guest Mr XYZ, our Principal sir Mr ABC, all the teachers, parents and students. Myself Miss. PQR and I am here to present the vote of thanks for today’s kindergarten graduation day ceremony. I am really glad that today’s graduation day ceremony is successfully celebrated. 

First of all, I would like to thank our honourable chief guest Mr XYZ, to attend this ceremony and bless us with their presence. I would like to thank them on behalf of our school because they took some time from their busy schedule to attend this lovely ceremony. This event wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of our loving Principal MR ABC. Thank you, sir, for your efforts.

Teaching is the noblest profession in the world, and all the teachers present here are the proof of that. I want to thank all the teachers for their efforts to make this event successful. The parents highly contribute to the development and growth of a child. All the parents present here, I would like to thank all of you for your efforts and for your heartwarming presence to witness the graduation of your child.

It must be a proud moment for all of you. All the graduation students today, I would like to thank you for efforts and these efforts have paid off today. I want to congratulate you and wish you for your further journey. 

I want to thank all the people who directly and indirectly worked and helped to make this ceremony successfully. I would like to declare that today’s ceremony is officially ended. Thank you all of you. Take care.

So this was the sample vote of thanks, speech script to express the gratitude to everyone who attended the kindergarten graduation day ceremony and worked and helped to make it successful. I hope this helps you. Here is a complete Kindergarten Graduation Day Ceremony Anchoring Script with a vote of thanks included.

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