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Vote of Thanks Speech Script for Seminar, Conference Thank You Note

vote of thanks speech script for national level seminar

School and colleges are the places where the students are taught the value of education. To enhance the knowledge of students and maintain the healthy competitiveness, various university level and national level seminars are organized. Students are also encouraged for attending and participating in such seminars too. Seminars are a thorough source of knowledge and students get a lot of useful information from such seminars. Seminars are usually shorter meeting which mainly focus on educating participant on specific subject. A seminar can be a technical seminar, health seminar, corporate or business seminar.

On contrary, conferences are formal meeting for longer duration where people of common interest come together to discuss, consult over topic. These conferences can run for 5 to 7 days too. In such cases dining and accommodation arrangements also done. So while writing Welcome or Thank You note we need to consider these facts.

At the end of such seminar or conference, host must present a vote of thanks for thanking and appreciating the speakers, participants, audience, committees, and individuals who contribute to the success of the event. A vote of thanks is the part of anchoring, but sometimes it is presented by a different person than the anchor. Don’t worry here is the Best sample anchoring script too. And if you are a person who likes to complete the work of your own then here is a Guide to writing the best anchoring script.

You are here because you are given the responsibility of presenting the vote of thanks at the end of the university or national level seminar in your school, college or university. Don’t worry buddy, we are here to help you. In this article, we have given you a sample vote of thanks, speech script for university or national level seminar event conference in your school or college.

A vote of thanks speech is a way of thanking the people in the seminar for their participation and contribution, so the way you deliver your vote of thanks speech should have a thankful touch. You should let people know that their contribution to the success of the event is very valuable and important.

In any seminar, the speaker is the most important person. The speaker invests his/her time, energy and knowledge to share his/her thoughts, knowledge, and experience to do research about the topic. So, make sure you express the gratitude to the speaker for sharing the valuable knowledge with everyone. Mention some key points from their speech too. The authorizing bodies like your college authorities, principal give permission and allow you to organize the seminar or conference event. So, make sure you thank them. The student volunteers and the organizing committee take a lot of efforts to make the event successful, so don’t forget to express your gratitude to them and acknowledge their efforts. We have given a sample vote of thanks speech script for university and national level seminar in school and colleges here. So, let’s start,

Sample Vote of Thanks Speech Script for Seminar, Conference

Hello, everyone. Wow! What an event! It’s really great that this national level seminar turned out to be very successful. I am Ajay and I am here to present the vote of thanks to the people who made this event successful. I would like to take a minute and thank all of them.

First of all, I would like to thank all the speakers who shared their precious knowledge with all of us. I personally liked how Mr. Sharma highlighted the drastic change of rising industrialization on the environment and all the solutions that can be Implemented. It’s really intelligent and thankful. I also want to thank our Principal sir for taking efforts to make this national level seminar possible and contacting and promoting with other colleges and universities for participation. I would also like to thank all the professors for encouraging students to participate and also guiding the participants too.

This event wouldn’t have been successful without the volunteers and the students in the organizing committee. Thank you so much guys for your efforts. All the audience. Hats off to you. Thank you so much for paying your valuable attention and also suggesting with your opinions. Did you enjoy the amazing breakfast and lunch here today? Thanks to XYZ catering services for such delicious food. It’s been a great day! Thank you all of you for making this event successful with your contribution. Thank you for blessing with your presence. Now I would to officially end the event with Vande Mataram. Thank you.   

Note: I hope this article helps you for presenting the vote of thanks after the seminar or conference. If you liked our small attempt to spread knowledge to you guys then please let us know in the comment section below and give is a good rating. Thank you 🙂

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