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Vote of Thanks Format, Template for School, College Functions

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In this season of the year, a lot of schools and colleges arrange different kinds of seminars, events, conferences, and inaugural functions, etc. Whether it’s an annual day, cultural fest, tech fest or conference, seminar, meetings, it is very important to give a vote of thanks to guests, organizing team, volunteers, and other members who participate in such events. We have given this vote of thanks format, template and also a sample vote of thanks speech so that you guys can make your own vote of thanks fro school functions and college functions such as PTA meeting, conference, farewell party, freshers party, etc.

It is also called as Thank You Note or Address. It is important to give a proper vote of thanks because people put their best efforts to make themselves available and to arrange the event to make it successful. Showing them affection, gratitude and thanking them at the end of the event leaves a good impression on them, which will make them support, arrange, fund or attend the event next time too. This vote of thanks format or template will tell you how to write a vote of thanks for school, college functions.

Vote of Thanks Format, Template for School, College Functions

Vote of Thanks Meaning

Before jumping to the examples of thank you notes, let us understand what it means. An event, party, program where a lot of people participate, attend, address, guide; cannot be arranged, run by one person. It’s always a team behind, you always need planning and coordination. You as an organizer or a host on behalf of your organization must thank them all for their efforts. The vote of thanks and appreciation build the rapport with the guests, organizing teams, sponsors, and volunteers. It is also called as Thank You Address or Gratitude Speech.

Today, in this article we are giving you a sample vote of thanks speeches, which you can be part of your anchoring script preparation. Here we have taken an example of the national education council arranged by a university. You can modify this script as per your event and need. Before going to the script itself, let’s learn a sample format for the vote of thanks, speech. See Vote of Thanks for College, School, Kindergarten Farewell Party to Seniors from Juniors

Vote of Thanks Format, Template

Almost all thank you speeches have a common format or template. Basically, there are four main parts. After your introduction, the speech starts with an opening statement where you thank your institution for giving you the opportunity present thank you note. Then you thank chief guests, the head of your organization/trust, etc. Then you must appreciate the efforts taken by your organizing team, volunteers and finally thank sponsors. We have explained the template below.

Opening statement

School or college management/authority or committee selected you to deliver the vote of thanks because they had trust in you, they believe that you can end the event on a high note. So, In opening statement express your gratitude for allowing you to give the vote of thanks. Include the name of the school or organization on behalf of which you are conveying the vote of thanks.

Thank Guests and Participants

In this section thank all the participants, guests, delegates who attended the event. They made themselves available for your event, they gave their valuable suggestion, guidance in the event. You must acknowledge their efforts. Try to say only positive things in this section. If you have liked any specific part of the event, then don’t forget to mention it with some explanation or experience.

Thank Organizing Teams and Volunteers

Never forget to thank your organizing team and student teams, especially the volunteers. No events can be arranged by a single person, it requires planning, arrangement, support. Along with them a successful event always needs volunteers, they are the people who help the events or a cause without expecting anything in return. You must thank them.



At the end of the speech always appreciate and thank your digital news, hospitality, knowledge, transportation, and other partners. Sponsors are the people, companies who provide funds, support, services which helps your event to be successful.


At the end of it conclude your speech, once again thank all.

Sample Introduction Lines

  • Honorable Chief Guest, Principal and our most esteemed guests, ladies and gentlemen, It’s my privilege to propose a vote of thanks on this occasion.
  • I regard it is as an honor and privilege to extend a vote of thanks on this momentous occasion.
  • Respected colleagues, our most valued guests <Name>, dear students, ladies, and gentlemen. It’s my privilege to have been asked to propose a vote of thanks on this occasion.

Generic Thank You Note

Mr. Chief guest, Principal madam, teachers, students, ladies, and gentlemen, good evening. It is my honor and privilege to extend a vote of thanks on this august moment. I would like to thank Principal madam for awarding me this opportunity.

John F. Kennedy said, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” Today my words are not enough to express the gratitude. On behalf of organizing the committee and our school, I would like to thank our Chief Guest for the day, Mr. Shashak Sinha, State Education Committee Head, who graced us with his present and guidance. Sir, you shared your experiences with us, your guidance is very precious to us. Thank You once again.


We are grateful to parents present here, your encouragement always helps us to carry out such important events. I would also like to thank our student’s committee and volunteers. This event was not possible without your invaluable contribution. You worked day and night for this event. Thank You very much. Last but not the list, I would like to thank our digital media and hospitality sponsors. Finally, I will leave you all with this inspiring Sanskrit Shlok,

किमत्र बहुनोक्तेन शास्त्रकोटि शतेन च ।
दुर्लभा चित्त विश्रान्तिः विना गुरुकृपां परम् ॥… Once again I thank you all for your attention.

Sample Vote of Thank Speech for Conference, Seminar

Good evening all, I feel honored and privileged to get the opportunity to propose a vote of thanks on this special day. This is the proudest day in the history of our university, today we have hosted the biggest education conference in India. 200 delegates and 500 participating colleges & universities across all streams of education from Science to technology to research.

On behalf of the university education council, I convey my regards and hearty thanks to our chief guest Union Education Minister Mr. X Y Z. I also like to thank all the honorable delegates who blessed us with their presence. We, <ABC> University and other participating universities and colleges got lots of things out of this conference. Words are not enough to tell you how this conference is going to help us in forming our curriculum and startup related strategies. I personally liked Mr. Sharma’s speech, where he mentioned the need for digital education. The way he explained the topic is exemplary.

I would also like to thank the organizing team, teachers, and staff members. I should not forget to thank the volunteers and student teams, who put their last complete week in arranging this conference. I would also like to thank our transportation and accommodation team; without you guys, this event was not possible. Thank you very much again. I would also like to thank our digital partners XYZ solutions, radio partner 12.34, hospitality partner Brijesh hotel, News Partner Janata News.

In the end, I would again like to thank the Union Education Minister, respected delegates and participating colleges and University authorities; thank you again for making this event successful.

Thank You Note for Wedding Reception, House Warming, Religious Function

Hello Everyone, I am feeling very glad on this auspicious day us and all of you being part of our happiness. We have blessed and are happily wedded with God’s grace./ starting our new life in this new house/ hosting this pooja. I want to thank my parents for supporting us in our decision of getting married/ to build our own house. I want to thank all of you for being part of our happiness and blessing us with your presence,/ Being part of this puja and gathering the blessings from the God in this religious, spiritual ceremony. Thank you so much, all of you.

Vote of Thanks for Annual Day by Principal

I would like to thank all of you for your gracious presence today here at St. Xavier International school’s 15th Annual Day celebration. We are honored by your presence, your guidance is invaluable for us.

Our school is not only excellent at academics but we believe in the all-round development of kids. We also strive to make them ideal citizens. We initiate various programs like Swacchata Abhiyaan, Nature March, Plant a Tree on Birthday, etc. We planned our annual day events in such a manner that it will bring students, parents, and teachers close to nature.

My special thanks to our chief guest Mr.XYZ for his presence and guidance. We will try our best to take forwards your thoughts in our school. I would also like to thank Mrs. ABC for her excellent presentation on environmental issues. We learned a lot from it. I would also like to thank our supporting staff for making all the arrangements. I would like to thank volunteers and teaching staff for their contribution.

I would like to thank parents, without them this program will not complete. Their support always helps to bring the best out of us. I am looking forward to one more excellent year. With our collective efforts, we will take this school to the next level. Thank You All, Good evening.

Vote of Thanks Quotes

It will be best if one can start the speech with a powerful and relevant quote. Actually, I tried to find the quotes which can be used while delivering the thank you speech, but all I found were generic thank you quotes which I think will not be relevant in this context. So I tried to collect a couple of relevant quotes. Check out our separate article on thank you and gratitude quotes.

  1. I need to multiply “Thank You” word a thousand times to match it with your efforts.
  2. If time is money then today, you have spent millions on us.
  3. One must thank the people who made an impact in their life.
  4. You gave us your TIME, the most precious gift of all.
  5. Gratitude is the attitude which gives the fortitude.

The same vote of thanks speech script with some modifications can be used for other occasions like- vote of thanks for Industrial visit, Alumni Meet, Book Release, Inaugural programme, guest lecture, motivational speech, University national seminar, workshop function, various competitions like debate, elocution, essay writing, speech, quiz, science exhibition, annual day gathering, student convocation, for hostel day, sports day, NSS camp, Medical Camo, Blood Donation Camp, Dance Performance, Opening ceremony, Morning Ceremony, Teachers Day, Parent-Teachers meetings, prize distribution,  Freshers Welcome Party, youth festival/programs etc.

Will be trying to translate this article into Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati, Punjabi, and other various regional languages. If we come up with those translations, we will update you here.

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