Vote of Thanks

Vote of Thanks for Parents Teachers Meeting in School, College

Vote of Thanks for Parents Teachers Meeting

Here is the sample vote of thanks for a parent-teacher meeting in the school. Schools generally have a parent-teacher meeting to encourage the communication, discussion between parents and teacher, this meet also gives them a chance to network with each other. Here in this sample vote of thanks for teacher parents meeting, there are two anchors expressing their gratitude on behalf of their school. Check out our other article to know more about Vote of Thanks, Format, Templates, Quotesetc. So let’s start.

Vote of Thanks for Parents Teachers Meeting in School, College

Anchor 1: Good morning honorable chief guest, Mr. XYZ, respected principal Madam, teachers, parents, and my dear friends. it is our privilege to deliver a vote of thanks on behalf of the XYZ school on this year’s first parents-teachers meet.

Our sincere thanks to our esteemed chief guest for gracing this occasion, your suggestion on new ways of teaching will definitely help our school to find better ways to increase the quality of education. I especially liked the part where you suggested how a lot of school from India adapting to the computerized classrooms.

we would like to extend our thanks to Mrs. XYZ, principal of this school who still inspires us to work with zeal and dedication. She is a mother of two teenagers just like us. The way she explained the parenting techniques is a good take away for parents and us students too.

Anchor 2: Behind every successful student, lies the manifold effort of our committed faculty, I would like to take moment to thank sports staff for their immense contribution to keep us fit and on the toes. He introduced new games in the school and helped us to win the first-ever inter-school basket tournament.

Finally, it is important that we acknowledge the unconditional love, support given by our parents. Where we stand today is the combination of your endeavors and efforts, we know you all to be there to celebrate our victories and question our falls. Thank you very much for your presence and suggestion; your contribution is very important in this parent-teacher meet.

I would like to end with a quote, I read recently when we express the gratitude we must not forget the highest appreciation is not to simply utter words but to live by them, thank you.

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