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Valentines Day Ideas for Single Boys and Girls 2019

2017 Valentines day celbration ideas for singles guys girls

Valentine’s day 2019 is around the corner and all the lovebirds around the world are going crazy about their plans. But, what about the single people? Aren’t they allowed to celebrate Valentines Day? You know what they say right, “You should love yourself first, before loving others.” Then why not celebrate the Valentines day to appreciate your love for yourself? I am not asking you guys to be a narcissist, but think for a while is it bad to appreciate yourself? So let’s go. This Valentines Day of 2019 will be celebrated as an Anti-Valentines Day for all the singles out there. To celebrate this Valentine Day you need to do something so that your friends who are in relationships won’t bug you. So all the single boys and girls out there. Let’s start.

Valentines Day 2019 Ideas for Single Boys and Girls

 Binge Watching TV Series / Movies Marathon

There are two types of people in the world, first ones are who watch one episode a day and the second ones are who watch the whole season in a day. So this valentines day why not host a TV Series Marathon along with your other single friends? Breaking Bad, Prison Break, Stranger Things, Gotham, The Modern Family, etc. A single day is not enough to even list them all. You guys can even watch the movie series whole day.

Lord of the Rings, Die Hard series, Bourne series, Ocean’s 11, 12, 13 etc. It would be a great day for all the single Potterheads out there. You guys can finally watch all the Harry Potter movies from the beginning once again. This can be a great idea to celebrate your Valentines Day this year 2019.

Gaming All the Way !!!

Gaming for a whole day can be defined as a good day for any gamer out there. You guys can play video games for several straight hours without even food and water. Then why not host a tournament for all your single gamer friends. What a scene it would be!  🙂

Read, Read and Read.

Do you find it difficult to read your favorite novel peacefully because your friends keep chattering on your WhatsApp group? Then this Valentines Day would be a day for you. When most of your friends would be busy with their boyfriend/girlfriend, you can peacefully read your novel with a nice hot coffee in the comfort of your home.

Time to GO SOLO!

The time you spend alone will help you to know yourself better. Then why to wait for the company when you can explore the world with yourself only. Put on your shoes and travel wherever you want, because sometimes all we need is some “Me Time.” You would be amazed to know that there is a word for traveling alone, and it’s called Solivagant. So this Valentines Day it’s time to go Solivagant.

It’s Shopping Time!!!

Imagine the couple fighting on what to buy and what not. You don’t don’t have to worry about that. You can buy whatever you want. Spend whatever time you want to choose the clothes, there won’t be anyone pissed off while you are happily trying out the clothes in the fitting room.

All The Single Guys and Girls, UNITE!!!

How great would it be to gather all your single friends and have a great party? Then this is the time for Party. On this Valentines Day host a theme party for all your single friends. Let the fun begin. But make sure you don’t have anything chick flicks romantic stuff at the party.

Buy Yourself a Gift

Seriously, you don’t need anyone to buy you the gifts. You can buy anything you want. Because you are special and you deserve a gift. So this valentines day, don’t wait for anyone, go and buy that sexy leather jacket or that red hot dress you always wanted.

Why People Celebrate Valentines Day?

Be a Cupid.

Who said you should be a boyfriend or girlfriend to love someone. You can spread the love by being a cupid for the kids in the orphanage. On this 2019 valentines day visit an orphanage or the poor kids on the street and gift them something. It doesn’t need to be expensive. All that matters is the feelings behind the gift. You’ll get the best feeling in the world, the feeling you get by making someone happy. The kids will know that they have someone to love them. 🙂

Family First.

No matter what happens, your family will always be there for you. It will never leave you or hurt you. They will always love you through your thick and thin. So this valentines day, take time and spend some moments with your family because a family is the ultimate source of selfless and neverending love.

These are the best way to celebrate the Valentines Day of 2019 for all the singles out there. Let me know if you guys have any other ideas. Share and tag your single friends and plan something great which will make your friends in relationships so jealous. 😀

Hail The Anti-Valentines day !!! 😀

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