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Use Your Pocket Money Efficiently – How to Guide from Teenager for Teenagers

Use Your Pocket Money Efficiently

Every human being has three basic needs, Roti, Kapada Aur Makaan (food, clothes, and shelter) but we teenagers have different ones, isn’t it? The Internet, Smartphone and Pocket money. And what we are talking about here is our teeny-tiny pocket money. No matter what we do, we will always fall short of it. Then, how to use pocket money efficiently, without compromising on anything?

Warning: If you are a rich kid, and you get pocket money like an IT engineer salary, then please don’t waste your time reading it. You can save your five minutes to do something better with your life.

If you are like us who get a well-calculated pocket money, then you guys can relate to this. Whatever we get, the first week is enough to spend it all. Tuition fees, food, rent takes almost 90% of it; and you left with rest of 10% to enjoy your life like a king. We end up eating Maggi at month end (Only hostel boys will relate). So, is there any magic formula to make your pocket money last long? Please don’t ask a teenager keep aside some money because asking a teenager to do that is like asking a lion not to eat the meat. 😀

We might help you with this because we have been through this and we know what it takes.

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Data Plans which suits your needs

We breathe the internet, means no option not to use it. What you can do is, choose the best option as per your requirement. There are lots of different options in out-net calling, local calling, and Internet packs; choose what suit best to you. Don’t do video call on 3G, lookout for free, open Wi-Fi somewhere. Nowadays colleges give free Wi-Fi, do your witch-hunt for a better signal. Disable auto update of apps and other function, they can steal a lot of data.

Needs vs. Wants

Yes, both things are different. Teenager needs are the things that are mandatory for their day to day life. Such as travelling to college, food, fees. Wants are the things that are optional, and we just want to buy them for pleasure or luxury such as expensive watches and sunglasses. Define your needs and wants and spend accordingly. If you survive the whole month, and you left with something, then you can spend it to buy your wants.


We go out for parties, picnics, lunch with our gang very frequently, and what happens when the waiter is coming to your table with the bill. Some of them dip their head into their phone; some get a sudden call from home or his bae. Don’t become a scapegoat, pull them back, split the bill and pay your share. Same way, if your buddy shares your bike for college commute or trip, then share the petrol expenditure.

Don’t be Brand Fanatic

Every guy wants to look stylish and get noticed but guess what you don’t need to have expensive stuff for that. The style is not about brands; it’s about you and how you carry yourself. It’s about your overall persona. Even the not so expensive clothes and accessories will look good on you if you are confident. Last but not least always wear a smile. And you know what, it’s free. J You can follow our “Style Basics 101” guide to get style tips.

Part Time Earning

If you want to take the game in your hands, then you can try some part time work. I know all of them will advise you to do online stuff like data entry, blogging, YouTube channel, etc. Guys, these are the real options but not as simple as they sound. If you have some special talent like logo designing, video/ photo editing, website or template designing, animations, languages, then you can try Freelancer, Fiverr, oDesk (now Upwork) etc.

You can also do things like helping juniors with projects, assignment, engineering drawings, CAD/CAM, etc. You can charge them for it. In short, if you got any sorta talent then use it to your advantage. Part time earning is a big topic and important one, so we will come up with a detailed guide on this. Like or subscribe with us to know more about it.

DIY Gifts

Sometimes rather buying some overpriced greeting card or a teddy bear, you can give some handmade gift to your girl. Never let her know that you are doing it to save money, she will kill you and us too. :p But, you don’t know what to do, don’t worry we are coming up with “DIY Projects,” you can learn stuff from there.

These are few of the tips coming off the sleeve right now. If you guys have better ideas, then share ’em in comments.

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