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Cricket has a deep impact on the minds of people of India as no other sport. From a toddler to our Grandpa, everyone loves cricket. But this is not the same scenario around the world. I am bringing you few of the most unusual games around the world. You may or may not have any idea about these unusual games, but I am pretty sure you’ll be amazed. Take a look.


You must be thinking what kind of game is this. Is there really a game like this? Then let me tell you, this game is real. Chessboxing combines two traditional sports boxing and chess. To win this game your body, as well as your mind, should be fast and sharp. It consists of 11 alternating rounds, six of Chess, five of Boxing. Starting from the first round of chess of 4 minutes right in a middle of the ring, following with a round of boxing of 2 minutes. The winner will be determined by a knockout, a checkmate, referee’s decision or if the player exceeds the time limit of 12 minutes for the entire match on the chessboard.

Mountain Unicycling

Woah! We can’t even ride the bicycle with two wheels offroad and these guys riding down the dangerous mountain trails with just one wheel. Yes, you heard me right. These crazy cyclists ride the unicycles down the cliffs as they are playing in the park. And they are just doing it for the experience of defying the death. This video gave me chill down my spine.

Kite Tube

What? A kite tube? What is it? Actually, it’s large tube which is dragged behind the speedboat with a man riding it and as the speedboat catches the speed the tube start to get up in the air like a kite. Well, it’s not less than your own flying carpet. (You remember Aladeen, right?) But let me tell you , it’s very dangerous and it’s got the negative response in the market.

Extreme Ironing

Is this a sport? Yes, it is. The extreme Ironing is all about how far you can go to iron your clothes. In this game people iron clothes on the mountain top, climbing on the side of running bus and even underwater and while skydiving too. Take a look.


What if I told you, you can play Volleyball, Football, and Gymnastics at the same time? Yes, you read it right. Bossaball is a team sport which is played on an inflatable court with inbuilt trampolines to give the players’ jump enough height to divert the ball to the opponent team. Take a look at it.


Who knew making faces can also be a worldwide game. Gurning is the game where you show people how ugly you can look by making faces. Who would have thought looking ugly can even land you a prize?

Roller Derby

The best thing about this game is that we get to see the fights in the game. Roller Derby is the game for Skaters. There are two teams with 5 players each, skating counterclockwise on a circuit track. There’s 1 Jammer who tries complete the circuit and other 4 are Blockers who try to stop Jammer of opposite team. The 1 player called “Pivot” who can be Jammer and Blocker as well.

Barbie Jeep Downhill Racing

Do you remember when we were kids, we used to sit in the toy car and try to drive it onto the slope. Yes, this game is all about that, except grown up men ride the toy cars and the slope is the dangerous downhill and it’s way more dangerous than it sounds.

These are possibly the most craziest and unusual games around the world. If you know any of such unusual games let us know in the comment section below.

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