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India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. We take this pledge every day in our school and college. This shows the unity of our nation. India is a land of unity, there is no such example of unity and diversity, India is the one since ancient time. So, today in our article we are going to elaborate on unity in diversity. This article will help you to write an essay, give a speech in school, college competition or on the occasion of independence day and republic day.

Unity refers to togetherness or oneness where social or individual differences, physical attributes, skin color, religion, casts these things are just the part of varieties and not the differences and India is having such varieties these varieties enrich our nation as a whole. India is the most cultural and religious country out of other countries in the world. People from other countries started migrating in India because they are loving our culture. They are not just settling their lives but they are adapting our culture, tradition. History says that India’s greatest leaders like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and many more have made this slogan “Unity In Diversity” who fought for us when British Government was ruling India.  This has been possible only because each and every one in India stood together and have shown the power of unity. They taught us to live with every kind of people, respect each other, treat everyone like your brother and sisters. When there is a problem, people of our country stand together to face the problem which builds unity in people.

Huge mountains, large and countless rivers and streams, darkest forests, sandy deserts all these have made India more beautiful. Not just the physical attributes but also different religions, languages, cultures, traditions tied India in one knot together. It’s a place of a reunion of people of every religion.  People of our country helping each other and respecting each other’s lifestyle and religion.

In our nation, people with different religions like Hinduism, Sikhism, Christian, Muslim, Buddhistm and Jainism are living together sharing their thoughts, opinions with each other. Many people migrating in different states of India, but in whichever states they go they feel protective and feel like they are living at their own home it’s because of the treatment they get from those people. As there are different religions there comes different languages, culture, and traditions.  Sanskrit is the only language used to speak in ancient time and still, it being honored and acknowledged as the language of literature.  After some time lot of changes happened. Right now around 1652  langauges are spoken in our country.

The main reason behind the unity between people is Festivals.  Festivals make the bond between the people stronger and it brings happiness. In our country, people from every religion come together to celebrate every festival whether it is Diwali, Christmas, Eid and so on.  People keep their egos aside and involve in each other’s happiness. Greet each other through email, messages, social sites.

Indian drama and dance are the best examples of unity in diversity. Folk dance and classical dance now spreading all over the world. Though the expression for a folk dance and classical dance are different but one can convey the same message or emotions through their art.

Different religion brings variety in food, dressings. Every state of people has their own speciality of food from Jammu Kashmir to Kanyakumari we get to see varieties in food.


Though there are differences in way of living, thinking, opinions, faith, religion but still, we are connected by hearts and we shouldn’t allow these differences to be our weakness but it can be our strength. If there is unity there is strength. For the further progress of India unity is an important aspect and it needs to be taught to every child by their parents and teachers.


Tips for the essay:

  1. Think before you write. If you write in your own words you can express your ideas in the better way include your ideas opinions and describe it.
  2. Try to write section wise so that reader will able to understand your ideas
  3. Your conclusion should be 2-3 lines but it should be strong and inspiring
  4. Make use of dark ink.
  5. Use some quotes that will help you to increase your marks.
  6. It is ok if your handwriting is not good but try to write keep your essay neat and clean
  7. Keep some space at the beginning of a page then start writing your essay, though it’s a small instruction but it can make difference in your marks.


Tips for speech:

  1. You have got an opportunity to speak about your country so don’t mug up the speech but express your emotions as well.
  2. Your hand movements and gestures can convey your emotions easily to the audience
  3. Maintain eye contact with the audience
  4. Avoid mumbling and make less use of fillers
  5. Be audible to all the audience
  6. Crack some jokes in the middle so that audience will not get bored.
  7. Speak confidently.
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