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Types of Software- Do You Know All of Them?

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The Computer has become one of the most important things in human life. There are so many simple things that we cannot do without computers. To know about the computers, we all must know about the things that computers are made of and the software is on of them. So, what is software? Many people have this question when they learn about computers. So, here we are to tell you what a software is and what types of software are there. In a broader aspect, there two main types of software and those are system software and application software. There are some other types of software and those are utility tools. So,  let’s know about each type of software now.

System Software

System Software is the collection of system programs used to control and coordinate the hardware and application software. System software works an interface between the hardware and user applications. System software communicates with the hardware. The functions of system software are controlling and scheduling the resources like memory, input/output devices, CPU etc. This type of software controls the tasks like allocating resources to various processes, process management, security etc. System applications are generally already present in the system.

Examples of System Software:

Operating systems, device drivers, programming language translator, compilers and interpreters, communication programs, command line shell.

Application Software

Application software is a collection of one or more program designed to perform a specific type of task. This type of software should be installed in the system. This type of software is made to perform only a specific tasks such as text editors, media players, games, image editing applications and other applications.

Examples of application software:

Entertainment software, database software SQL Server, MS Access, Games, word processing software MS Word, media editing software Photoshop and CoralDraw, spreadsheet and presentation maker software like MS Excel and MS Powerpoint, educational software, computer aided design software like Auto CAD.

Utility Software/Tools

Utility software are the collection of one or more programs that help the computer users to perform maintenance tasks on the computer and these software helps to enhance the performance of the system. Utility software can be application software or application software because some kind utility software is already present in the system and some have to be installed externally.

Examples of Utility Software/Tools

Backup & Restore Applications, Antivirus programs, Registry cleaners, Disk Defragmenters, Data compressors, Disk cleaners.

The above types of software based on their functionality. A software can also be categorised based on its copyright status.  These factors define which type of software it is.

Free Software

This type of software comes with the permission to use the software free of cost. These types of software can also be distributed as it is or with modifications, free of cost or charge a fee for it. To do this the source code of the software should be available. The free term is used more in the context of freedom but proprietary companies use it to convey the price. Mozilla Firefox Web Browser is one of the popular free software.

Open Source Software

Open source software is available free of cost. This type of software can be used freely and can be modified as required. The one condition with this type of software is that when changes are made users should make these changes known to others. One the main characteristic of open source software is that it is the intellectual property of all the developers and users. The best examples of open source software are Linux operating system and Mozilla Firefox Web Browser.

The other types of software are Copylefted software, Non-copylefted free software, Shareware, Freeware.

These are all the types of software you needed to know. If you appreciate our humble attempt to spread information out there, then please let us know in the comment section below. 🙂

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