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Types of Printers- Did You Know All of Them?

types of printers

Many of you must be known or must have seen printers somewhere. Printers are used to print text/graphics from the computer from your computer. Modern printers have WiFi connectivity facility so can you print the files from your smartphones. Great days to live, right? There are many types of printers but they are broadly categorised into two types and those areImpact Printers and Non-Impact Printers. Now let’s see each of them and their subtypes.

Impact Printers

Impact Printers was the initial printers in use. This type of printers makes contact with the paper. It forms a print image by pressing the inked ribbon on the paper with hammer or pins. Impact printers are usually noisy as they make an impact on the paper with the print hammer.

There are following types of Impact Printers:

Dot-Matrix Printers

Dot Matrix printers were very popular in its era. This type of printers makes use of print heads ranging from 9 to 24 pins. To form an individual character the pins produce a matrix of dots. More the pins more the quality of the print hence printer with 24 pins has better quality with clearer characters as compared to 9 pin printer. The pin strikes the ribbon on the paper as the print mechanism moves on the print line from left to right nad vice versa. dot-Matrix printers are cheap as compared to others type of printers and they produce 100 to 600 characters per second. You can also create colour print, you just have to change the black and white with color ribbon.

Dot Matrix Printers working

Dot Matrix Printers- Wikipedia

 Daisy-Wheel Printers

Daisy Wheel Printers produces font style like Typewriters does. The name Daisy Wheel is because the print mechanism looks like a daisy flower and at the tip of each pin(petal) there’s a character that produced hard line prints when the hammer strikes on it. This type of printers was also referred as “Letter Quality” printers as they produced crisp print letters as a typewriter. The print speed of these printers is slow as compared to other printers which are 30characters per second.


Daisywheel Printers

Daisywheel Printers – Wikipedia

Line Printers

Line printer print whole line at a time instead of printing one character at a time. These type of printers used for business purposes where time is essential at printing one character at a time won’t be efficient, hence the “Line per Minute” printers are used. The speed of this type of computers usually ranges from 150 to 2500 LPM.

Line Printer

Line Printer- tallyprinteroutlet.com

Drum Printers

Drum Printers has a cylindrical drum which has characters raised on the metallic surface. The cylinder has a dedicated column of each character. Whenever the cylinder comes in contact with the paper, the characters are imprinted whenever they are necessary at the same time.

Drum Printer working

Drum Printer

The other two types of impact printers are Chain Printers and Band Printers.

Non-Impact Printers

Non-Impact Printers do no have physical contact with the paper for printing. This type of printers does not make noise as they don’t have a striking hammer to print characters.

There are following types of Impact Printers:

Ink-Jet Printers

Ink-Jet printer work approximately same is dot-matrix printers but instead of striking the dots on the paper, Ink-jet printers have tiny nozzles that spray the ink through an electrical field that arranges the charged ink in the patterns on the paper in form of dots. The ink is absorbed in the paper immediately and we can use various coloured inks. This type of printers can print 250 characters per second.

Ink-Jet Printers types of printers

Ink-Jet Printers- archive.cnx.org

Laser Printers

The laser printer produces prints by directing a laser beam onto a mirror. This mirror bounces the beam onto the drum. The drum has the coating of ink toner on it. The laser beam neutralises the places on the drum it hits. Hence the coded character from the laser creates patterns on the drum by neutralising the ink toners. this ink toner is printed on the paper rolling around it. this is how the characters are printed by the laser printer. Laser printers can print 8 to 430 pages depending on its capabilities and each page contains 48 lines. The speed and ahigh-qualityy graphics are the main features of laser printers.

Laser printer types of printers

Laser printer- HowStuffWorks.com

Thermal Printers

Thermal printers use heat to produce characters on the paper by selectively heating the paper. When a Thermochromic paper(Thermal Paper) is passed over a thermal print head, the coating turns black in the areas where it was heated and hence creating the text/graphics. Two coloured Thermal printers are made by varying the temperature, usually, red colour is used with black.

types of printers Thermal Printers  working

Thermal Printers – koehlerpaper.com

These are the types of printers. If you liked the article please let us know in the comment section below.:)

Reference: Printers Wiki

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