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Types of Pasta- Which One Is Your Favourite?

Types of Pasta 2017

Pasta has become world phenomena in last decade. A variety of cuisines are made with pasta and people love to eat them. Pasta is the staple food of Italy. Pasta is one of the most important parts of  Italian food. Pasta comes in many sizes, shapes and tastes but there are many types of pasta and we know only a few of them. Some types of pasta are only known locally in Italy and some are popular around the world. Sometimes manufacturers invent new shapes of pasta and give them new names or they invent new names for old shapes.The Italian pasta name end with the masculine plural suffixes like -ini, -elli, -illi, -etti or the feminine plurals -ine, -elle etc.

Pasta is broadly categorized in two types, Fresh Pasta(Pasta Fresca) and Dried Pasta(Pasta Secca). Fresh pasta should be eaten as soon as it was made whereas the dried pasta can be eaten for long period after making it.

There are following types of pasta:

Ribbon Cut Pasta

This type of pasta is flat and long like ribbons as the name suggests.They are first rolled an then cut in longer lengths. This type of pasta can be made by hands or with machines.

Example/Name List of Ribbon Cut Pasta:

Bavettine, Ciriole, Fettucce, Lasagne,Linguine, Mafalde, Pappardelle, Pizzoccheri, Tagliatelle, Trenette  These are some of the popular names of ribbon cut pasta.

Stringozzi types of pasta 2017

Stringozzi- Wikipedia

Long Pasta:

Long Pasta is usually made by extrusion(passing the pasta mixture trough a mold which has a opening at the other end from which the pasta comes out in desired shapes. Long pasta can also made by rolling and cutting by hand. This type of pasta is usually eaten around the world.The popular spaghetti pasta belongs to this type.

Example/Name List of Long Pasta:

Barbina, Bigoli, Bucatini, Capellini, Fedelini, Fusilli, Perciatelli, Pici, Spaghetti, Vermicelli, Ziti.

Spaghettonitypes of pasta 2017

Spaghettoni- Wikipedia

Short cut Extruded pasta:

This type of pasta is made by extrusion.Instead of keeping long pasta strands, the strands are cut short in smaller pieces. This type of pasta has the small tube or rings like structure.The world popular macaroni pasta belongs to this type.

Example/Name List of Short Cut Extruded Pasta:

Calamarata, Cannelloni, Anelloni, Chifferi, Ditalini, Fideuà, Garganelli, Girandole, Macaroni, Maltagliati, Manicotti, Mostaccioli, Penne, Rigatoni, Rotini, etc. This are few of the popular short cut extruded pasta types.

Short Cut Pasta types of pasta 2017

Short Cut Pasta Wikipedia

Decorative Cut Pasta

This type of pasta can different beautiful shapes. This type pasta has more focus on its looks are they are used more in the restaurants. various decorative sizes and shapes can be seen in this type of pasta.Decorative cut pasta can be made by hands or machines.

Example/Name List of Decorative Cut Pasta:

Campanelle, Capunti, Biciclette, Conchiglie, Creste di galli, Farfalle, Fiori, Gnocchi, Lanterne, Lumaconi, Mandala, Radiatori, these are few of the popular examples of decorative cut pasta.

Farfalle Pasta types of pasta 2017

Farfalle Pasta Wikipedia

Miniature Pasta:

Miniature has small pieces and they are usually used in the soups. This type of pasta has they smaller granular shape.They are also decorative. This type of pasta is usually made with machines.

Example/Name List of Miniature Pasta:

Anelli,  Alfabeto, Conchigliette, Ditalini, Egg barley, Filini, Fregula, Pastina, Pearl Pasta, these are some of the popular types of miniature pasta.

Miniature Pasta types of pasta 2017

Miniature Pasta Wikipedia

Pasta with Fillings:

This type of pasta are made according to that we can fill them make various cuisines.They are usually in the form of flat smaller sheet in which the feeling can be stuffed like dumplings.The fillings can be made with different recipes.

Example/Name List of Filling Pasta:

Agnolotti, Caramelle, Maultasche, Mezzelune, Ravioli, Tortelloni these are some the popular types of Filling pasta.

Maultasche Pasta types of pasta 2017

Maultasche Pasta Wikipedia

Pasta has managed to make fans across the world and it is eaten almost everywhere around the world.

Reference: Wiki Pasta

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