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Types of poetry poems

Art is one of the important parts of the human life. Human created art to find meaning to the life. Art soothes the mind and the artist creates magic with the words. Art can have many forms like music, dance, painting, poetry and much more. Poetry is the form of literature that uses aesthetics and rhythmic qualities of language to create meanings about a place, a thing or the feeling etc. The history of poetry is way long back. Initial poems evolved from folk songs. There are various types of poetry since historical time to the modern days. There are three broad types of poetry and they are Narrative poetry, Lyrical poetry, and dramatic poetry.

Let’s see types of poetry now,

Narrative Poetry

This type of poetry describes the personal thoughts, experiences, and feelings. There are following types of narrative poetry:

Types of Poetry: Ballad

Ballads are the simple narrative poems that tell about emotional happenings. It is a song, originally transmitted orally, which tells a story about someone or something. In the sixteenth century, ballads were adapted for literary use, which was an important form of folk poetry back then. Ballads consist if stanzas fo four lines. In modern days, the term took on the meaning of a slow form of popular love song and is now often used for any love song, particularly the sentimental ballad of pop or rock.

Types of Poetry: Epic

Epics are the long narrative poems that tell us about the fictional, no fictional heroic acts and legends. It’s a lengthy narrative poem, ordinarily concerning a serious subject containing details of heroic deeds and events significant to a culture or nation. This type of poetry is associated with cultural norms and heroism.

Types of Poetry: Metrical Tale

A metrical tale is a form of poetry that relays a story in a number of verses. This type of poetry is a narrative poem that tells a story about someone or something in the form of verses.

Types of Poetry: Metrical Romance

A Metrical romance is a kind of poetry dealing with the love, romance, emotions or phase of life. The story is simple and straightforward.This types of poems were especially popular during the Renaissance. It has a happy ending whether love is involved or not. There are no rhymes in metrical romances.

Lyrical Poetry

Lyric poetry is a formal type of poetry which expresses personal emotions or feelings. It is short and typically spoken in the first person. Lyric poetry expresses personal emotions or thoughts of the speaker. There is always some specific mood or emotion being expressed in this type of poetry such as love, extremes in life, betrayal, death etc. There are following types of lyrical poetry:

Types of Poetry: Sonnet

Sonnet is one of the types of lyrical poetry. Sonnets have 14 lines usually written in five pairs of stressed and unstressed syllables. There are two types of sonnets: the Italian and the English, or Shakespearean. Both the types follow a similar structure but the main difference is the way the end rhymes are written. It originated in Italy and became popular later worldwide. Sonnet was originally a love poem which used to describe a lover’s sufferings and hopes.

Types of Poetry: Ode

Ode is one of the types of poetry. There is no strict structure or format for an ode. Odes are often longer than other types of lyric poetry as sometimes the stanzas are repeated although it not mandatory. It is done to create an impact. Odes are often about positive topics, such as freedom, justice, truth, love and art. 

Types of Poetry: Elegy

Elegy is one of the types of lyrical poetry. The elegy originally had a strict structure but nowadays, elegies don’t follow a specific format, but they always have the same mood. Elegies usually recall and show respect for the dead. It was very mournful and filled with sadness and grief. This structure may not be seen in modern elegies but the dark vibes are still there.

Types of Poetry: Haiku

Haiku is the type of Japanese poetry which has 17 syllables which are written in the format of 5-7-5 in three lines. The lines in this type of poetry rarely rhyme. Because Haikus are such short, they are usually written about things that are familiar to the reader.  

Dramatic Poetry

The works of Shakespeare are probably some of the most easily recognizable examples of dramatic poetry. This type of poetry was originated from the Greece. It is written specifically for the theatre. This type of poetry can have a song-like quality to it. The speaker addresses a kind of imaginary listener, so they are not explicitly speaking to the audience.

The above were the types of poetry. If you liked the article, then leave a comment in the comment section below to motivate us. Thank you. 🙂

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