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Once a true gamer starts playing a game he won’t stop until it’s completed. I remember when I used to play Call of Duty and GTA for almost 15 hours straight. One will say you are addicted to video games. They will never know how does it feel after completing a difficult mission in Call of Duty or driving (Flying 😛 ) your car in GTA. Playing video games gave me satisfaction and a way to enter the world where nothing is impossible and where you can escape the reality. So here I am bringing the best gaming YouTube channels just for you.

Top Gaming YouTube Channels


Every YouTube enthusiast knows him and the way he calls his name in the beginning of his videos. Pewdiepie is one the best gaming YouTube channels with the highest number of subscribers as 46+ million and 12+ billion views. No wonder he calls his fan base A “Bro Army.” Pewdie was criticized by many people because of his screaming and crazy stuff he does in his videos. But against all odds, he is “The King of YouTube.” Check out his channel and don’t forget to watch his new way of catching Pokemons with PokemonGO.



Started in 2011, the Vanossgaming have gained whopping 17 million subscribers and 4 billion video views till June 16. They keep doing compilations and montages of funny moments while playing various games such as GTA 5, Black Ops 3, World at War and so on. And the owl mask is totally dope. Check out their channel.


From starting in 2012 Mark Edward Fischbach, the creator of Markiplier has 13+ million subs and over 5 billion video views. Mars does have an overactive personality that leads him to scream, curse, and even cry while playing video games. He’s so crazy that to celebrate his 4 years on YouTube and 13 million subs, he ate 13 Habanero Peppers (one of the hottest peppers in the world) and then dunk himself in an ice bath while reacting to his first video that had a face cam! His blue, green and red colored hairstyles are catchy and the pink mustache of his character can be seen in most of his videos.


There’s one thing that makes KSI different from other gaming channels. He does not just play videos games and upload its video on YouTube, he also posts vlogs of him doing crazy stuff outdoor. Check out his YouTube channel.


Although most of Gaming YouTube channels are english, Samuel de Luque a.k.a Vegetta777 is a Spanish YouTuber who makes videos of gameplays of Minecraft, Battlefield, Saint’s Row, Garry’s Mod and many more games. He has a huge fan following from Spanish people. (duhh!!) He has also made collaborations with other popular gaming YouTubers such as TheWillyrex. He is often praised for his way of interacting with his fans, taking advice from them and mentioning them in his videos.


Jordan Maron is the guy behind CaptainSparklez and it’s primarily known for the Minecraft Gameplays. He started by making parodies of popular artists but his Minecraft Style video which was a parody video of PSY’s Gangnam Style take the internet by storm by having 45+ million views. He has also made his own Minecraft music videos.

There’s a huge number of YouTube gamers but we chose the best for you. Some channels you might like such as kwebbelkop, Jelly, CinnamonToastKen.

Tell us your favorite gaming YouTuber in the comment section below.

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