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Importance of Reading Books for Children, Adults in Daily Life, Education

Importance of Reading for Children, Adults in Daily Life, Education

We, Humans, are different than animals, the biggest differentiating factor between us is our “consciousness”. It means “the state of being aware of and responsive to one’s surroundings”. We are what we are because of our intellect, understanding of the world around us. We make decisions or deal with different situations based on our experience and knowledge. So to succeed in life one needs to collect as much as the knowledge they can.

Reading is the foundation of gaining any type of knowledge, it is the primary and most used method of data, inputs, information consumption. The world is changing at rapid speed, each day new technology, service, products, innovation happens. All these things can affect our lives in a good or bad way. So, it is very important to stay updated, to be aware of surrounding and to know about current affairs. Reading is the simplest method with which one can achieve this.

Reading will not just help in staying up to date, it helps in every aspect of our life. Age doesn’t matter in this, generally, we tend to say reading is good for children in their learning process. Reading habit is beneficial for adults too.

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Importance of Reading Books

  • Books are the best source of knowledge. A person who writes books pour his/her lifetime of experience and learning in it. By just reading a book we can learn the lifetime of experiences. More we read more perspective on life we will get.
  • Autobiography of famous, successful people can guide us on different things. It tells us how they fought with unfavourable conditions, what kept them going, how they struggle and found the solutions.
  • By reading self-help books one can improve their lives, learn to solve problems. Self-help books help us to face hard-hitting life problems. Books can teach us how to do business, how to be successful in life. There are millions of books or thousands of subjects. There is a treasure of knowledge our there, its open for loot.
  • Reading novels, comics give you a much-needed break from daily worries. Books cut you out from tension, it soothes mind, improves concentrations. Books also act as entertainment.
  • Virtual Mentors-

It is very important to have a good company, they leave their impression and effect on you. But not all will have a successful people around them, that is very books come in picture. There are thousands of books written by successful people, who share their experiences, knowledge, idea, secrets, and story of how they got success. We should try to learn to be successful from these virtual mentors called books. Even successful people read books, a lot of books.

Importance of Reading Newspapers

  • One might say there are dozens of 24X7 new channels available then why to read the newspaper? They both do the same thing; updates us with what going on in the world, nation, state or community.
  • We spend our daily evening in front of the television, news screen is full of intruding advertisement, channel panel shouts like crazy on your favourite debate show. TV news became more of TRP game than real news.
  • On another hand, you pick your time and place to read the newspaper. Though newspapers also have advertisements, it doesn’t distract you while reading a piece of news. You can focus on one thing at a time. You can choose what you want to read, a story, news, article or editorial.

Reading Magazine

Well, there are hundreds of different magazines available; some are good and some are just consumerism propaganda. One should choose a good magazine to read, which offers different stories, experiences, health tips, how to guides etc. Reading entertainment magazines can also you a break from serious, gruelling routine.

Learning New Skills

You can earn new language, skills or improve upon existing skills with specific books.

New Forms of Reading

Reading doesn’t mean reading text only. Reading is a method to learn things, ideas. Thanks to technology we can learn from videos, animation, simulations etc. you can read on the go with Amazon Kindle like devices or on your smartphone. There are audiobooks also available, find a quiet place, put on your headphones and listen to the book. We can also learn to read faces, expressions, emotions all this will enrich us with knowledge. We can make our life blissful and content with this knowledge.

What Next?

There is no use of putting so much time and efforts in reading if you are going to think about it. Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. We should think and act on the knowledge we gained. We should it use for the betterment of society.

Note: We have written this article “Importance of Reading” in essay format, with little modification you can make us f this information for speeches too or you use this content for practising paragraph writing too.

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