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Simple Thank You Speech for Last Day at Work, Leaving a Job

Simple Thank You Speech for Last Day at Work, Leaving a Job

Achieving success is like climbing a ladder. We need to go up each step to reach our destination. And that resembles so much with our life. On our journey to reach success, we meet many people on each step of our life. We change our office, company for better opportunities and new possibilities. But leaving a job, coworkers, and colleagues can be a very emotional and overwhelming moment for many of us. Hence we have given you this simple speech for last day at work to thank your coworkers, colleagues for the farewell party.

In this article, we have given you a simple thank you note, speech, letter your last day at your work, leaving your coworkers in your office, company.

Simple Thank You Speech for Last Day at Work, Leaving a Job

Hello, everyone, I feel immensely sad as well as happy today. Goodbyes are always hard. 15 years of service in the XYZ company is a very memorable journey. I have met many great people like our boss Mr. Kumar, my colleagues Sharmaji, Mr. Pandey, Mr. Dwiwedi, etc. I always thought that the last day of work will be a bit awkward, but thanks to all of you I am standing here overwhelmed by the love from all of you.

I want to thank our boss Mr. Kumar for guiding me in me throughout my tenure here. He never made us feel like we are his employees and he is the boss. I will always remember him as a courageous yet friendly leader. Thank you, boss! To my colleagues, I want to say just one thing that you people made me feel like I am with my other family; you guys are so accommodating and kind. Thank you so much for that.

I could have just sent an email to everyone but that couldn’t possibly match the beauty of this ceremony. Thank you so much to my co-workers, my friends, staff, and boss for hosting this lovely farewell for me. Leaving this company is very difficult for me because for 5 years this company, office, coworkers were the part of my life.

I cannot tell you how happy I am right now for receiving this Long Service Award. I will always cherish the memories made here, in this office and company. Thanks to all of you for being with us this day, it’s been a great pleasure. Thank You Very Much!

Tip: You can add some relevant quotes in your last day in office vote of thank speech, retiring teacher or employee. You can also make it sound a little funny (if you have that kinda work environment).

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