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Tassel and Pom pom are the latest trends of 2017 in India and all over the world. There are many ways to use them with different things in our life. Many online stores are there from where you can buy various tassel and pom pom products in India. If you are DIY lover, then it is very easy to make tassel and pom pom at home. It includes a few steps with less material. Check out our other articles to know, How to make tassel? and How to make pom pom? There are several types of tassel and pom pom varying with size and color.

If you are confused about how to wear these tassel and pom pom with your attire then there are many different choices for you to match up the tassel and pom pom with your dresses, accessories, and jewellery. They are also used with home decor things like a wall hanging, curtains, pillow, rug mat, umbrellas etc. Footwear is another application of tassel and pom pom. You can pair the tassels with loafers, shoes, quilt, zip booties, boots and the pom pom with sandals, gladiators, slippers, chappal, shoes, flats, flip-flops, and heels.

Toys are the favorite things for children. There are toys made with pom pom such as teddy bears(stuffed toys) etc. Pom poms are also used on the hats. How can the handbags stay behind? Yes, tassel and pom pom are also used with handbags, wallet, tote, backpacks, clutch etc. Girl’s hairpins look pretty when they have pom pom on it. They are used in craft too.

All these different things are made beautiful and attractive with tassel and pom pom. Making them is easy as you read those articles. Now what to do after you are done with the tassel and pom pom? It is very simple to attach them to any of your accessories. You will either need to stitch them or hang with the help of hooks.

Lace trim is another solution for making your things tasseled. These lace trims are available on online stores in India or you can make them at home. It will need a lace and some tassels or pom pom to stitch them to the lace. Once the lace is ready, you can put it on any of the things you want.

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