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Tassel Jhumkas – The Reincarnation of Traditional Jhumkas with Modern Fashion Trend

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Got bored of those traditional Jhumkas? Then try something new which is trending. We are reincarnating those traditional Jhumkas with adding tassels to the Jhumkas. Tassel is the latest trend in 2017. Tassels are not new, they are in the picture from ancient days. They were used with home decor materials such as pillows, curtains etc. Later we saw the tassels on graduation caps. Now, there are various designs and accessories made with tassels such as earrings, necklaces, anklets, bracelets etc. The newest design of earrings with the tassels is Tassel Jhumkas. In this article let’s see how to make these tassel Jhumkas.

For making tassel Jhumkas you will first need to make the tassels. There are various types of tassels like embroidery tassels, silk tassel, chain tassel etc. with which earrings can be made. First, you need to decide which tassel you are going to use while making the tassel Jhumkas for you. For making the tassel there are some easy steps to follow which will help you to make a tassel.

How to make embroidery tassels?

How to make chain tassels?

How to make beaded tassels?

How to make leather tassels?

Once you are done with the tassels then it is very easy to make Jhumkas with them. Here is the procedure to make tassel Jhumkas.

Material required:

  • Jhumka findings
  • Tassels
  • Jump rings
  • Hooks
  • Plier

Steps for making Tassel Jhumkas:

Step 1:

Attach the jump rings to the tassels.

Step 2:

Now, tie these tassels to the earring’s finding with the help of those attached jump rings. You can use different earring findings like round shape, oval shape, flat base finding etc.

Step 3:

Finally, attach the hook to the finding and your stylish new Tassel Jhumka is ready to use.

This is the procedure to make tassel Jhumkas. Most of the girls love black color and they prefer black in tassels too. Black colored tassels are most popular. Use black colored embroidery flaws for making tassels and follow the above steps for making the Jhumkas. You can also use the silk thread of black color if you want the silk tassels and make the Jhumkas. And your black tassel Jhumka is ready to use.

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