Essay on Summer Vacations, Holiday, Speech, & Article in English

Best Essay on Summer Season Vacations, Holiday, Break, Speech, Pargraph & Article

No one can resist the smell of fully ripe mangoes and the mangoes bring the good news of the arrival of the beautiful season of summer. Some people adore the summer season while some just hate it. We will keep it aside. Summer is the season when the kids, children are on vacations from the studies, probably on the trip. Bu the summer vacation homework does not seem to leave you alone. You probably have got a long list of homework for your summer break probably writing essays like various topics.

Topics like “Essay on how I spent my Summer holidays, vacations, break?“, “Essay on Summer season”, “Essay on why I like summer season”, “Essay on a summer morning, noon, evening, night”, “Essay on a summer afternoon without electricity”, “essay on summer trip plans”, “why summer is my favourite season?” etc.

The list goes on and on. But don’t worry! In this article, we are giving you information on the summer season which will help you to write the essay on all the essays topics related to the summer seasons and mentioned earlier. This information can also help you in speeches, writing paragraphs in exams, etc. So let’s starts.

Essay on Summer Vacations, Holiday, Speech, & Article in English

Russell Baker said ‘Ah summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it’ and these words truly describe what the summer season is; that time of the year when the trees have their leaves in a golden hue, an ode to the sun itself. It is the time when the breeze in the afternoon is all dusty and grimy but miraculously changes to a soft peck on the cheek in the evening.

For a grown-up, summer is that nostalgic word that reminds them of the little delights of their childhood. As for children, summer is just sleeping on the grass under a tree, everything good to eat, a variety of cold drinks to sip on all through the day, long hours spent in the swimming pool and many such little pleasures of life, all rolled into that one word, ‘summer’.

The festivals in India generally announce the onset of a particular season and in this case it is Holi, the festival of colours that declares with a splash that summer has arrived .J. K Rowling, author of the famous children’s book series Harry Potter wrote in her book Harry Potter- The Order of The PhoenixThe castle grounds were gleaming in the sunlight, as though freshly painted; the cloudless sky smiled itself in the smoothly sparkling lake, the satin green lawns rippled occasionally in a gentle breeze: June had arrived.

People experience the hottest days in the months of May-August and so in order to spare the kids from bearing the intolerable heat, all schools and mostly all colleges too, have a break for students during those two months. This break is a welcome change for teachers, the poor souls, who need these two months to nurse their vocal chords, a pleasant respite for kids who do not to wake up early to catch that school bus, and for their mothers too who don’t have to get up early to make the school lunch.

You know summer vacations have started for kids when people in the same household have diametrically opposite expressions on their faces. The father is generally nonchalant but the other two species in the house are the most affected ones. The mother, for the most part of the day, would sport an expression of horror and exasperation on her face, seeing the mini cute terrorists in the house running amok from one end to the other.

And the little and sometimes even not so little humans would have the joys of summer writ large across their faces flushed with energy. Every day being a holiday, for those two months of hot summer, it blurs all lines between morning, noon and night. Kids tend to start their day late, with breakfast inching towards lunch time and lunch mostly being served for high tea.

Beautiful Summer Mornings

The summer mornings are generally cool and one can see light as early as six in the morning. Some parents, blessed with good fortune, manage to wake up their children early, encouraging them to go out and play or cycle, or maybe take the dog for a walk, things that they otherwise cannot ask their kids to do during the school days. The not so lucky parents brace themselves and their throats for an endless chant that they will have to do, trying to simply make their kids even open their eyelids heavy with sleep.

‘Summer is the time when parents realize how underpaid teachers are’ as even trying to wake the kids up and making them take a bath, becomes a herculean task. Though ironically, that should be the first thing done every summer morning, to beat the scorching heat. So for most children, of all age groups, the summer mornings during holidays do not exist at all!


Hot Summer Afternoons and Soothing Summer Evenings

The afternoons start early in terms of heat, as by eleven itself one feels that the sun is at its peak with temperatures soaring outside, and similar is the case inside the house, with parents trying to plan out a good and productive day for the child; an effort which goes into vain with most part of the afternoon being spent either eating, playing indoor games like the Ludo, Snakes an Ladders, Chinese Checkers, the all favourite game of Carrom, or sitting in front of the TV.

Another key element without which the summer season would be incomplete is the vacation homework that is given to all the students. Parkinson’s Law states that work expands to fill up the time available for its completion and so is the case with this nemesis of all parents, the holiday homework.

Evenings for most summers are quite pleasant and all parks are resplendent with kids playing on the swings, the see-saws, games like hide n seek, or going for their summer classes of outdoor sports which are present in a plethora. Starting from skating to martial-arts, tennis to swimming, and basketball, to name a few. The pleasant breeze makes it possible to venture out of the house and some evenings are made even more pleasant with a shower of rain at times.

Summer Afternoon Without Electricity

The only spanner in the works during the summer season and vacations to be specifically used to be the frequent power cuts that happened earlier. You could not go outdoors and you could not stay indoors without taking a bath in your own sweat. One had to literally sweat it out, pun intended, by having as many numbers of ice creams or kulfis that were just a little over the daily quota for the same sanctioned by your parents.

It used to be the most effective way to beat the heat in an afternoon without electricity during the summer season. Nowadays, a thing such as frequent and long power cuts is a thing unheard of, with most residential apartments and even independent houses making use of the generators and power backups.

Summer Trips, Journey, Travel Plans

Summer season is also the time when most people are hit with the contagious fever of making plans for trips outside the city, to escape from the heat and there is no dearth of travel packages during those days, with travel rates soaring new heights. But the memory of a journey in summer vacation is what keeps one going for the rest of the year along with the anticipation of where to go in the next one.

The favourite spots earlier used to be the hill stations which now days are overcrowded and defeat the purpose of going on a trip to relax. So people have started going out of the country during the summer season holidays, especially to countries that have pleasant weather during those months. The children, however, find the utmost pleasure in a trip that takes them to their grandparents’ house during the vacations, as that is the sanctum for all children and a place devoid of any rules.

Another way that comes to the parents’ rescue and to the delight of the children are the summer camps, organized by schools and colleges to keep the students productively engaged during the summer vacations. There are activities like art and craft classes, music and dance courses, pottery classes, classes teaching you how to play a musical instrument and scores of such activities.

They make the child not only learn an art during the vacations, a time when they do not have too much pressure from studies but also the day is spent in a constructive manner. ‘A lot of parents pack up their troubles and send them off to summer camp’ – says the internet.

Why is the summer my favorite season?

It’s a question of which if I had to give an answer to, would fill countless sheaves of paper. If I am asked to close my eyes and imagine the summer season and my fondest memories of my summer vacations, then there are distinct sounds and smells that I experience or imagine that I am experiencing.

Like the rustle of leaves on trees, the aroma of the parched soil of plants when being watered in the evening, the taste of mangoes, which becomes the staple food of people during summers, on my lips, the feel of the cold water from a matka or an earthen pot, the tang of the soul-soothing aam panna (a sweet and tangy drink made of raw mangoes prepared by most Indian households during summer season), and of course the super cold ice cream.

Summer reminds me of the time when life is carefree even if for a short while when doing nothing is the most important thing of the day. As a quote rightly describes the feeling of children during their summer vacations ‘ I need summer to be longer so I have more time to do nothing,’.

It reminds of the joy experienced on seeing my cupboards replenished with the stock of toys for the entire year, after my annual trip to the grandparents’ house during summers. Some of my best memories of life are associated with the summer season.

Summer Vacation, Holidays, Then and Now

There is a marked difference in how kids tend to spend the summer vacation now as compared to how the scenario was some twenty years back.  Earlier, the summer vacation afternoons were spent either playing with the dollhouse or the hot wheels cars, making castles out of cardboard boxes, going to the beach (if you had one in the vicinity ).

Making sand castles, getting that beautiful tan at the beach, making beautiful art and craft projects or even something as simple as baking a cake or cookies with your mother, eating mangoes for lunch and dinner and still wanting more. Last but not the least that large tumbler kept in the kitchen providing one with an endless supply of lemonade or the famous brand of drink Rasna.

Technology now seems to have deprived the children of today of these simple delights of childhood by offering other avenues to them to spend their vacation. More and more children now are either glued to the TV or a gaming device. Why bake a cake when the bakery right at the corner sells sumptuous cakes and those too in flavors you could never have imagined even existed, a few years back. Another minion in the long line of gadgets available to kids today is an iPad which lets them explore several educational apps and even read books online.

It is true that the sea of knowledge with these apps has grown wider and deeper with more access, but one wonders if the experience of reading a book online is the same as reading a comic book, lying on the hammock in your garden and eventually falling asleep with the book on your chest.

Gone are the summers when one would just climb a tree or just have fun enjoying the foliage-filled with flowers while blowing soap bubbles or playing catch with a Frisbee or gorging on the vast array of fruits from watermelon, muskmelon to mangoes. But nothing can still take away the essence of the summer vacation which makes the children live their childhood to the fullest while crafting beautiful memories to cherish lifelong.


Summer gives us the warmth of happiness and relief from the burden of studies. The summer holidays are full of playing, swimming, traveling and too much fun. The summer season gives us the joy of eating mangoes, watermelons, and other delicious fruits, playing till we are tired, listening to our favorite music, dance our hearts out, and so much other stuff. No wonder the summer season is the favorite season of many children.

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