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The Story of “HER”- A Micro-Tale About the Struggles of A Indian Teenage Girl.

struggle of a indian teenager girl problems faced by indian teenage girls

It’s the 21st century they said.

Equality they promised, few got to experience it, only most had to just idealise about it. Taking care of her family, she always walked high. She found the society tormenting her but her focus was determined. Love and some respect is all that she expected but slowly her confidence was withering away. She thought she was expecting too much, thus she kept quite. But this is where she was wrong. By being quite and bearing all that society threw at her.  She was taken for granted, talked about, criticised for, even was controlled. She was taught to talk, sit, walk, laugh in a certain way just because she was a ‘SHE’. Also, her parents cursed their faith when she was born but never did the feeling of unacceptance made her love towards them decrease. She is all positive about her existence, she knows the day isn’t far when she will be respected and loved for just being what she has. She knows the society can’t bloom without her presence, the concept of a family would die. Knowing her power, her importance, thus she never worries. She is very well aware the day she ceases to be the destruction of the society is imminent.

Written By –  Urja Mane 🙂

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