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Amazing Time-Saving Tips to Fight Procrastination ⏰

Amazing Time-Saving Tips to Fight Procrastination

Look, we all procrastinate, and we are all sick and tired of it. So, I compiled eleven tips (I only procrastinated it for five days!) that would help all of us to punch delaying our chores to the last minute. Also, they are scientifically backed, in case some of them sound not so effective to you. Let’s take a look at them.

Amazing Time-Saving Tips to Fight Procrastination ⏰

Start Today. In fact, Now! 🏃‍♂️

Look, you have to START now. There’s no doing it from “Monday”. We all know it never happens, ever. Once you have picked your poison and decided what to do, take action towards it now; not in the evening, or tomorrow, or Monday, or from the first of the next month. If you genuinely do not have the spare time today, you can do what we call the “Five Minute Miracle” (we have discussed it below.)

Pick Your Goal (One, to Start With) ✔️

FOCUS on ONE thing. Don’t list down fifteen things you want to get done in a day or a week. It is not going happen that easily. Start with one thing, and complete it. Gradually add on it If you will start slow and succeed, you are more likely to get more productive as well as efficient and complete the other things on your to-do list.

The Zeigarnik Effect 😌

Bluma Zeigarnik, a Lithuanian psychologist, observed what is now called the Zeigarnik Effect. Zeigarnik Effect refers to the phenomenon when a person remembers unfinished and incomplete tasks more than completed tasks, or the ones he hasn’t started. This basically means that when we do start something, for example writing an assignment, your brain is more likely to nudge you to complete it than when you would not have started it at all.

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So, in short, what I am trying to tell you is that even the smallest action you take towards completing a task will make you more likely to complete it. This is where the “Five Minute Miracle” comes in, just spend five minutes a day on your task, even the tiniest bit of effort counts. Our brains are wired such that we will end up completing it.

Ever Heard of Power Hours? ⏱️

Power Hour refers to a situation where you put all of your distractions away. Your PlayStation, mobile phone, laptop, whatever you consider to be your distraction and focusing all of your mind and body on one thing and then absolutely relaxing in the aftermath. These boost your performance levels and improve efficiency and productivity.

Researches have shown that our brain has cycles that consist of “peaks” and “valleys”- train yourself to work in accordance with them to make the best of your potential. I would suggest you start with powering through fifteen to twenty-five minutes initially and then move on to longer durations, eventually. I can personally vouch for this tip!

Be Kind and Forgive Yourself 😇

Dude, stop beating yourself over the time you wasted and the work you didn’t do- you are wasting more precious time this way in which you could have completed more work. So, it’s a double loss, you see. You have to kill it with kindness. Forgive yourself for your mistakes and procrastination and stop bringing yourself down. Be compassionate to yourself- this way you are more likely to get to the action and finish your tasks.

You Need More Motivation 😄

One of the reasons we procrastinate so effing much is that we lack the incentive, the motivation to take action and get things done. Now mostly we don’t have incentives, unless you are driven personally or are being paid a tonne; we need to create one.

I usually like to eat something (lol, who doesn’t?) AFTER I have completed whatever it is, I set out to do or I spend some money on a new fragrance. Anyway, what I’m trying to say that create rewards for your own self and see your efficiency level go up the curve.

It’s All About The Energeyyyy!! 💪

Try to find songs that help you power through. Music has been known to stimulate brain neuronal brainwaves and help you keep focused. Have you ever heard about binaural beats? They are auditory illusions which trick our brains into a particular state, be it meditative, focused, sleepy, aware, anything.

I usually keep them playing in the background when I am working on something, especially if I am solving maths. Classical music helps as well! Here is one of those tracks:

Get to the Root of the Problem 🔍

Sometimes there are reasons s to why we are procrastinating doing something. you have to dig a little deeper, get to the root of the situation. Ask yourself if your fear doing that task, maybe you are too overwhelmed and are confused or maybe you just don’t know where to start from? Identifying the causes will help you get under the hood and make you see clearly. That task is not as daunting as you think!

Sometimes, You Gotta Let it Go. 🙄

Stop. Adding. Too. Much. On. Your. List.

I cannot stress this point enough. People usually put way too much on their to-do lists. Take some of it off, you know all of that is not necessary.

Alure Yourself 😍

Appoint yourself an “Accountability Buddy”. Here is how to make use (no, not that) of your accountability buddy.
Make a bet against yourself and tell that buddy “I will take you out for Shawarma/ I will give you five hundred bucks/ I will pay for your movie next time IF I don’t complete this thing by Friday, one in the afternoon”. If you are not done with it by the appointed time, well, then you lost and you owe them.

You Gotta (Try to) Make It Fun! 😆

You will have to make efforts, extra efforts in you want to see results. Try combining and applying all of the above-mentioned tips to your situation. Shorten your list, pick up ONE task, make a bet with your accountability buddy, put on some binaural beats, keep your phones away, and GET TO WORK. I don’t think you are going to fail this time.
That’s about it. Peace out!

I hope you found these tips helpful. If you got any more tips then write them down in the comments below. Share the article with your friends who always procrastinate everything. Thank you. 🙂

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