Spring Break Vacation in India

Spring Break in India

If you don’t know about spring break, then let me brief you little about it. It is the one week or two-week academic break in American and some European countries after long chilly winter. Different countries have different times for it. After the break, student joins the next session of school or college. Spring break is popular in American pop culture for its beach parties. It’s been said that most of the time these parties are debaucherous in nature. Well, to know more check some vids on YouTube and come back here to read further.

Yesterday I was watching something on YouTube and I saw some spring break vacation videos. Just a random thought passed through the head. Is it possible to have spring break in India? I tried to search India specific stuff on the topic but I found nothing. So I thought why not to discuss it with you guys.

Can we have it in India? If yes, how, where? Here are some of my inputs, express your views on the topic in the comment section.

Copy Paste will NOT work

I think, in India, we should not (cannot) copy and paste spring break idea as it is. There is a lot of alcohol, drugs, sex and crimes involved in those parties. No offense, but that might be in sync with western culture. I will never suggest drugs, alcohol and other abusive substance to our young generation. It is bad and I don’t hesitate to say it. I will not recommend it just to sound cool.

We can get good stuff out of it and implement in Indian style (that’s doesn’t mean wearing a saree or kurta on the sunny, shining beach).

Sun vs Winter

The idea of spring break is that to have a fun time after long academic session and winter season. Idea is to enjoy the sun and have fun. India, a tropical country we get a good amount of sunshine each year. Rather than the sun, we might enjoy winter season more, we travel more from October to January. So, in India, we should have spring break in this period after the first semester of the year.

Spring vacation USA Florida

Indian Spring Break Destination

Beach is the only thing where it should be done. That’s kinda rule. There will be a lot of fun, dancing, amusement and partying. Then what better place there will be than GOA. In Goa, Anjuna beach is the best option. Already a lot of parties and functions happening there. No other place I can suggest. What you think guys? What will be other options? let us know in comments.

Spring break destination in Ajuna Beach Goa India

Reality Check

Well, it is easy to say than done. Personally, I think, our society will not accept it in near future. There is a need of some trendsetter for this, but still, it will take time. A lot of places are known for amazing parties, but to name them as spring break destination might not possible in near future.

What do you think guys? If you got any idea then express it in comments.

Featured Image courtesy: Spring Breakers (Movie, 2013) – Annapurna

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