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Anchoring Script for Sports Day in School, College with Announcements

Anchoring Script for Sports Day in School, College with Announcements

This is a season of the year school/college students eagerly wait because it’s time for celebration and fun. You will have annual sports, games, cultural events, tech fest in your school or college. But if you on another side of it, that means; if you are organizing events or hosting those events; then you may not enjoy the whole of it. Hence we have written this anchoring script for sports day in school in English.

As you are here on this page it suggests that you are on that side, you might be given the responsibility to host the sports day, welcome guests or propose a vote of thanks for your school or college. Here in this article, we are giving you a sample anchoring script for sports day. This anchoring script for sports day also includes the vote of thanks for sports day. So let’s get started.

 Anchoring Script for Sports Day

Generally, sports day have kind of similar pattern or format so let’s discuss the format first,

1. Prayer
2. Welcome note
3. Flag Hoisting
4. Oath taking
5. National anthem
6. Chief guest address
7. Price distribution
8. Vote of thanks

So, these are the basic 7 to 8 sections for your sports day event. It’s not necessary that you have all these sections or you need to limit your script to these 8 points. It’s up to you and the sports administration committee. Now let’s jump into the sample script itself.

< when students, guests, teachers, and staff members assemble then you can start the prayer in the morning. After that, welcome your chief guest and other guests>

Welcome speech for Sports Day Function

Good evening Mr.XYZ, today’s chief guest, Principal Sir, respected teachers, staff members, sports administrators, and my lovely friends. Myself Sunil welcoming you all for our school’s annual sports day. Today we have lined up multiple sporting events, games and competition from chess to football. Timetable, ground and venue information is already shared with all teams. Kindly make sure that all will be at respective grounds 20 minutes before the game. We will keep you posted on any new updates if needed. Now, we will formally start the event.

Flag Hoisting

Mr. Sharma, our chief guest is not just an academician, he is working in the National Sports Council, he was an assistant coach for wrestling Olympics team too. We are fortunate that he graced us with his presence. He also helped our planning team to execute the annual sports day efficiently. Thank you very much, sir. Now, I would like to invite our chief guest, Mr. Sharma, to hoist the flag. Thank you very much, sir.

Oath Taking

Let me call Sameer for the oath-taking ceremony. Kindly repeat the oath after Sameer. < Sameer recites the oath and students follow him >

National Anthem

Now I would like to request all of you to stand up for National Anthem. Thank you, all now you can take your seats. Let’s proceed with sports day programs.

Chief Guest Address

Again, I would like to call upon honorable chief guest Mr. Sharma on the podium. I request him to share his experience and knowledge with the students. Thank you very much, sir, for your kind words and guidance <all sports events will be conducted after this>

Prize Distribution

Good evening all. We all had a great day, isn’t it? We have completed all games and competitions on time with no major casualties. Few players had minor injuries in the Football semi-final, there is nothing to worry about; our on-ground doctors treated them and they are present here in the auditorium. Let’s have a big round of applause for their sportsmanship… Now I would like to invite principal sir and chief guest on the stage for Prize Distribution Ceremony.

Principal’s Speech for Sports Day

Good morning all, let me start by thanking today’s chief guest Mr. Sharma. He was very busy today, his schedule was fully packed but still, he found the time for us just on my request. So, thank you very much, sir, again.

Now let me tell you that this year we have found great sports talent in our school. I am delighted to tell you all that, four of our students are representing the state in various sports categories. Our school also won the Inter-School Chess Championship this year. We secured the second position in kabaddi and 1st position in Basketball.

After seeing the basketball performance college authority decided to build a good basketball ground for the team. Our players have good potential, if trained well they may play at a national level. We are in talks with XYZ Sports Academy to select and train the talented sportsmen from our school.

Mr.Sharma also agreed to negotiate the terms with Academy. Thank you, again sir. We will be also buying the new equipment and material for other Sports too.

Here at XYZ School, we give the same importance to Sports. We believe sports are as important as academics. I would like to request Sunil to call in individual winners and winning team on the stage for prize distribution. < now you announce the winners and then your principal of chief guest will felicitate and award them with the trophy.>

Vote of Thank for Sports Day

After finishing all the prize distribution, you should thank the chief guest, speakers, participants, teacher, administrators, students, sponsors, and volunteers. The vote of thanks is part of the closing ceremony. You can end the vote of thanks with nice good quotes.

Honorable chief guest, respected principal sir, teachers, sports coordinators, ground curator, non-teaching staff and my friends, a very good evening. Let me start by thanking our school’s sports council for choosing me to propose the vote of thank for our annual sports day.

Success isn’t given. it’s earned. On the track, on the field, in the gym. With blood, sweat and the occasional tears.

Today, you all earned it with your efforts and discipline. This year was the best for us, we completed all the events on time with no major injuries. Food, medical facilities were excellent. Teams were trained better this time. This year is best so far for our school, we hope we will surpass this performance next year and this progress continues.

We have been informed in the morning that our chief guest Mr.Sharma helped our sports planning team to plan, execute the event efficiently not only in terms of arrangments but the financial part of it too. I express my hearty gratitude for sharing your expertise and time. A big round of applause for sir.

Now let me thank our principal sir. Most of you might not know this but our principal sir is a former athlete, he was a national level badminton champion. Now we know why he always supports sports and education equally, because of you sir we have achieved great success in sports and academics too. Thank you very much for teaching and showing us the importance of sports in life. You are an inspiration to us.

I should not forget to thank our sports council, you have executed the whole annual sports day perfectly. Thank you all. I would also like to thank ground curators, you gave us perfect pitches and grounds. In the end, I would like to thank all players who participated in the various events, without you this event is not possible at all. Thank you for nail-biting and jaw-dropping performances.

Once again, I express my gratitude to all for making sports day a success. Thank You.

Note: You can learn more about Vote of Thanks, Format, Sample Scripts here. Check out famous quotes to use for the vote of thanks.

This Sports Day anchoring speech script can also be used for National Sports Day of India Speech. By making some changes in the speech this script will be the best National Sports Day speech 2020.

I am sure these tips will definitely guide and help you. You can also suggest the correction and improvement in this script. We are planning to make a PDF file of this anchoring script, which you can download.

As this annual sports day anchoring script is in English only, we will be trying to translate this speech into Hindi and Marathi soon. We will update the link in this section.

If this sample sports day anchoring script helped you in any way, then kindly comment in the comment box. Please don’t forget to rate the article too. 🙂

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