Speech on Teachers’ Day Celebration in English for Students

Speech on Teachers Day Celebration For Class 5 to 12 in School

The time we spend in our school studying shapes our life and teachers have a big share of contribution to that. They say teaching is the noblest profession and it is very true. Hence we celebrate teachers to honor the contribution of teachers in our lives. 5th September is celebrated as teachers day across India. Hence we have given this speech on teachers’ day to help you with the celebration in your school or college.

You can find lots of speeches over the internet, but I must say they all are kinda the same. So, we decided to write a little different speech, a little emotional and a bit interactive one. If you want to be different in the crowd then you got to do something different. You can build your own script on top of it. The first speech is 500 words and the second speech on teachers day is 450 words.

Speech on Teachers Day by Students (500 words)

Respected Principal Sir, eminent teachers, and my friends Good Morning to you all. Today is the 5th of September and we are gathered here on this august occasion of teachers’ day. A special day to celebrate the hard work and dedication of our beloved teachers. Let me start by thanking my class teacher for choosing me to speak my heart on such a great occasion.

Teachers consume their whole life to build the future of their students. Here in India, we call our teacher the second parents. Please give a big round of applaud and welcome all our teachers.

Parents give birth to their children, they look after them, love and feed them. But there are more facets to life, and that’s where teachers come in the picture. We start picking up the spoken language at home but we learn to read and write in school. Teachers are the people who build the very foundation of our careers. Today I am here giving a speech, who taught me all this? My teachers. They taught me alphabets and numbers and today I am here at this podium, delivering a speech with confidence; all credit goes to my teachers.

Teachers don’t just teach subjects, they teach us the importance of discipline, hard work and more. They take our PT class, they teach us how to make science projects. From essays, drawing to crunching numbers, and all in between is taught by them.

Once students complete their studies and run behind the career they forget the teachers and their efforts. We should look back and at least say “Thank You” to them. Allow me to take this opportunity to express myself. Thank You very much all, I respect you all. You all have a lion’s share in shaping my career. Thank You again.

Dear friends, generally we do not know what teachers go through. We think the job of a teacher is to teach, but in reality, they have a lot of other work too.

They asked to do administrative work, question paper setting, exam supervision, timetable preparations, guidance on projects and whatnot. The list doesn’t stop there. On top of it, the government gives them the election and some other government scheme related work too.

They have their personal life, they have their careers too. They also study to move ahead in their careers. They do research, present papers, arrange or attend seminars, conferences, training. There are more of such mundane responsibilities they handle. After knowing all this I respect them more.

Sometimes students or parents complain about teachers and their dedication. I would like to show them this side of teachers too. This will make us respect them more.

Today I am using this podium as an opportunity to show another side. Some students make an unnecessary ruckus in class, I request those students that please do not trouble our teachers, they are working hard to build our future. Respect them. Thank You…

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Teachers Day Speech #2 (450 words)

Today on this occasion of teachers day, instead of speaking on a generic topic for teachers day; I would like to express my thoughts about my favorite teachers. I have learned invaluable life lessons from them, In reality, they put the same effort on all students but some fail to understand it.

To start with, let me tell you what I learned from our maths teacher. Like any other maths teacher, she is strict and disciplined. I used to get afraid of her when she used to come to class. One day she explained to us why discipline and dedication are important in life and how it can positively affect life. I bet all of my classmates remember that day. She taught us that, to succeed in life we need to have discipline, we should organize our homework, home chores and time too. Further, she added, we must find time to play too and do that we need to learn time management.

I have tried to implement her suggestion and let me tell now I save at least 2 to 3 hours daily. I use this newfound free time to work on my hobby, i.e. painting. I love to paint, I am not that good but I feel good when I paint. 10 minutes of her words changed my perspective. Thank you very much miss.

Most of you might have seen me a little overweight last year, and I was. I used to eat junk food, never had a schedule of sleep. But now I am healthier, I haven’t fallen sick in the last 8 months, not even cough or cold. All credit goes to our PT Teacher.

Earlier I used to skip PT Class, I have made all possible excuses in the world to avoid the physical training. Sir knows my father, last Diwali he came to our home. That day he and my parents were discussing yoga, a balanced diet, work-life balance, etc.

He is so inspiring when he speaks, I bet no one else had listened to him. Sir, I would request you to address students on this topic. Indirectly you made an impact on me, I learned a lot of things from you like Ekalavya. I am much healthier and active now. With your inspiring words, lots of us can march on this journey of health and fitness. Let me take this opportunity to say thank you.

Generally, we think teachers supposed to teach from textbooks only. Teachers are much more than that, they teach us life lessons too. Like our mathematics and PT teacher, every teacher has contributed to shaping my career and me too. I like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Tips for Speech on Teachers Day

The following are some of the useful tips which will help you to perfect your speech on teachers day. Let’s see them.

  1. In this case of teachers day, you will be talking about teachers, while delivering the speech you can address them, interact with them. It will make your speech engaging.
  2. Try to focus on the problems faced by teachers, most of the time other competitors will give a speech on the generic topic, with this strategy you will stand out from the crowd.
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