Speech on Loyalty of Dog in English for Class 1 to 10

Essay, Speech on Loyalty of Dog in English for Class 1 to 10

Dogs are man’s best friends. Dogs have been with us for thousands of years, since the beginning of human civilization. To understand this special human relationship with dogs students in school are usually asked to write a speech or essay on a dog’s loyalty.

Speech on Loyalty of Dog

Hello everyone. We all know that a dog has 4 legs, 2 eyes, 1 tail, etc. But do you ever think about why we call dogs as man’s best friend? How they make a strong relationship with a human? That what I am going to elaborate on. So, where should we start?

Ok, let me ask you all that how many of you have dogs or had dogs?, Yes, many of us have dogs at home or some of you may have an opportunity to have dogs. Firstly, let’s talk about the dog. Many of us think that dogs are natural or wild animals but in fact, dogs are domesticated mammals and dog is the first animal domesticated by a human on the earth.

They were originally bred from wolves and from a long time they have been bred by humans. They have separated themselves from wild wolves and they are adopted by humans. They are such a wonderful companion as we all know that that can be a better friend than a human. They are the real heroes, life-savers. A dog is something that can be described as fearless, forgiving and capable of pure love.

We have made attachments with our friends, families but those same attachments or we can say feelings we have for a human can build with an animal like a dog. The friendship between dogs and man goes back to thousands of years.

There is no human on the earth is as loyal as a dog. Why do we like to have a dog as a pet? They are as cute as anything. isn’t it? It’s not that we adopt those features or those dogs but they adopt us as their family. But once you adopt them they became your family member, friend.

They make an unbreakable bond with us. They are the one whom once can trust blindly. To make such a bond with them we just need to love them and feed them good food and they will give us unconditional love, and loyalty in return.

Mutual trust is the base of any relationship and loyalty is the expected output from it but once the base is broken relationship ends. But we all know finding a loyal partner is not an easy task but dogs come with born loyalty in their blood. Dog’s loyalty is unquestionable.

I would like to thank everyone present here for listening to me and for giving me an opportunity to speak.

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