Speach or Speech?

Speach or Speech

Today I was doing some topic research for my website and I stumbled upon an interesting topic. I can’t stop myself from writing about it. From the title, you must have guessed it or you came here from a search engine, you must have searched “Speach”, isn’t it?

First if all there is no word like “speach”, it’s a misspelling of word “speech”. Still, let me share you some interesting stuff that I observed about word speach. On average word it is searched for 90,000 times in a month, that means it is googled 1 million times in a year, that is absolutely nuts.

It’s not about google only word Speach is searched over 2 million times on YouTube. We checked its trend on Google Trends too, there we find that people from countries like Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Zambia etc are searching it most. English is not their native language so we can understand that they are misspelling it. But we also saw some breakout search terms like “trump slurred speach”, “Oprah Winfrey Speach”, mostly related to U.S.A President Trump related speeches.

When you type Speach in google or any online dictionary it simply shows the error or suggests to change it to word speech. Still, why so many people misspell such easy word “speech”? Maybe the word “Speak’ have something with it, or it is just another fad of changing or shortening words. If you guys have any idea about kindly share in it comments section.

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