Soil Pollution- Essay, Speech, Article for School Students

Soil Pollution- Essay, Speech, Article for School Students

You must have heard about soil and land pollution if not then don’t get confused because both are same by the definition. This is an essay on soil/land pollution of about 650+ words for class 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.  Soil definition, cause, effect, prevention, and remedies every information you need to write an essay has been covered. So let’s start.

Soil Pollution- Essay, Speech, Article

The soil is the mixture of organic and non-organic composite materials; it is the surface of the earth where trees strengthen their roots and grow in the nourishing environment also it’s a home for tiny microbe’s organisms essential for agriculture purposes. The soil is made up of rocks, minerals, water, air, and humus, the soil is acknowledged as a valuable resource.

Soil pollution is caused by degrading the land by mixing harmful organic and non-organic materials in it. The land is considered to be polluted the minute it no longer grows or becomes hard to grow crops or plants and is hazardous work in it. Urbanization and Agriculture are simultaneously responsible for land pollution.

Industries have been around decades dumping waste materials such as chemicals, metals, plastics etc. destroying soil nutrients and vitality. Farmers spraying chemical pesticides to keep away insects or organisms to destroy their crops are adversely affecting the land’s fertility. Toxins emerged in the land is difficult to segregate, pollutants in soil lead to health problems if came in contact. Appropriate measures and methods should be used to maintain the soil habitat.

Life of land is based on soil; pollution causes soil erosion which is the process of the depleting fertility of the soil by natural conditions such as by heavy rainwater & wind force shifting the topsoil elsewhere and human actions such as agriculture activities like tillage.

Farmers use pesticides and herbicides to keep their crops safe but it indirectly attracts dangers to life. Consumption of vegetables from a degraded soil can cause diseases as they are associated with carcinogenic compounds such as lead, metal, oil, petroleum that makes human body prone to health disorders.

Soil structure contains nutrients to help the growth of plants, nutritious vegetables, fruits. Humans and wildlife both co-independently rely on the land for a living. The soil is not only necessary regarding food but also concerning shelter. Bad soil structure can cause buildings to collapse as it concrete property to withstand the heavy weight gets vanished. Soil pollution accompanies air pollution, throwing harmful dust particles in the air causing hazardous problems when inhaled by living beings.

Causes and effects of soil pollution

Causes and effects of soil pollution vary depending upon the types of pollutants. Soil degradation can be caused due to natural pollutants or man-made pollutants. Biological wastes from humans and animals, Agriculture pesticides, Industrial radioactive substances like uranium, radium, thorium, sewage from urban areas. Pollution cannot be eradicated but to control the outcome is in our hands to make environment eco-friendly.

Solutions to stop soil pollution

There are various ways to aid the soil from polluting. Using recyclable products, prohibit the use of polythene bags they never fully decompose it turns into small tiny pieces of plastic or use bio-degradable bags, avail the technology benefits stop reading newspaper in physical form go digital it will save trees and nature in the long run. Each should contribute in tree plantation to minimize the damage also to avert future problems that will be caused due to the scarcity of greenery.

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