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Is Social Media Making Our Generation Dumb and Lazy? 👍

Is Social Media Making Our Generation Dumb and Lazy

Social media has become an important part of our lives. Today, nothing feels complete until you post it on social media. People share their thoughts, happy, sad moments, opinions, on social media to get a validation from the virtual friends. But have we thought for a while that this social media is affecting our daily life? Is it making us dumb and lazy? Let’s find out.

Is Social Media Making Our Generation Dumb and Lazy? 👍

Have We Become the Phone Junkies For Real?

The word “junkie” is usually used to define a person who is addicted to a substance which consumes him in such a way that all aspects of their lives suffer as they try to satisfy their urges and desires in every way possible. For instance, a drug addict who would rather buy drugs than pay his bills or the rent. So, we can easily say people who are absolutely addicted and utterly consumed by the social media platform are social media junkies.

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They would rather tweet about their pending laundry rather than actually doing it. This is nothing to laugh about is actually a pretty serious issue in our generation, most of us are social media junkies and we don’t even realize it yet, or will probably outrightly deny it. Here are a few signs that may signify you are a social media junkie.

  • You check your phone the first thing you wake up.
  • You fall asleep with the damn phone in your hands.
  • You Instagram stories constantly look like this – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
  • You tweet everything, and I mean, everything.
  • Memes give you a high.
  • You spend at least half an hour getting clicked for Instagram every time you go out.
  • You fidget on your phone when you are nervous or anxious.
  • Almost everything in your life has the involvement of phones.

We Are Distracted, Chronically! : The Effect of Social Media We Don’t Talk About

Social media is one of the most dominant aspects of our lives. In most of the people’s lives, the average time they spend on social media is greater or at least equal to the amount of time they spend on something as important as eating in a single day.

Our increasing dependence on such platforms is only posing a greater threat every day. No doubt that there are countless benefits of having social media platforms- classrooms are now more inclusive and the world is a smaller place but I think we also need to look at what we are losing here.

Would You Prefer A World With Or Without Social Media?

Several countless researches have shown that our more than necessary engagement in social media platforms has affected our levels of focus and concentration. Several studies have shown that an average member of the Gen Z checks their phone at least one hundred and fifty times in a day.

That is right, ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY TIMES. In a day. On the other hand, an average adult usually checks his phone for about 30 to 35 times. It has been found that a person is only able to focus on his work/ studies for 11 minutes, not because it is inhumane to go further, but because he gets disturbed every now and then out of which 99/100 times, it is our phone’s fault.

Repeatedly breaking focuses eventually strips us off our productivity levels as it dramatically reduces a person’s efficiency and effectiveness and in the long term, robs us of our ability to focus and get things done smoothly on time. So, if you are claiming that you are studying or working with your phone next to you, let me tell you something- stop kidding yourselves. Put it on flight mode and it is best if you could keep it away, as we all know, proximity is destiny.

Have We Become Stupider and Dumber with Time?

With the ever-exploding use of social media these days, there comes a lot of benefits but one thing that is empirical is slowly eroding, literally. That is our smartness. Social media is actually making us dumber and stupider as the time goes on. We have been ripping the internet off for our answers, our assignments and every possible question we have.

LIKES and FOMO – Teenager’s Social Media Anxiety

We no longer open a book, set out on a quest to get to the depth of something and find the truth or even solve math questions – every single thing you can imagine in your little brain is sprawled across somewhere on the internet and people are copying them off and using them as references instead of analysing and creating something of their own.

Our analytical skills, logic and reasoning, creativity and insight have taken a huge blow and are wasting away every single day like an unused muscle that shrinks and starts to dysfunction with time.

Laziness and It’s New Master: Social Media

We can without a do say that social media is the new master of laziness in our lives. With so many distractions at hand, we tend to delay, forgo, procrastinate and even avoid our work. Social media has successfully reduced the average attention span of humans over the past decades.

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There is so much on the internet to look at, it is bursting with information- a new Wikipedia article is published once in every 6 minutes, about a hundred thousand tweets are sent out and 20 hours of video time is uploaded on YouTube among other things.

This has created an overload of information which has made it increasingly difficult for people to stay on one course and focus on one thing at a time. Don’t we all have 74 tabs open on our browsers which we eventually close after never coming around to read them?

Is Quitting the Answer?

Well, that depends. For me, forgoing social media completely is a big no no, no matter how much I want to shut everything down sometimes when it gets too overwhelming. It is full of such strong, healthy, helpful and meaningful communities and I met some of the most important people in my life today over the internet.

I am sure you guys have had such experiences too. That is why, I think it is high time we should limit our screen times and not completely forgo it as we are more likely to fail this way as half our support system is over the internet. I would recommend you to follow steps that would help curb your smartphone addiction. Here is an article you can check out while you are at it that would definitely be of help – Fighting the Urge of Using Your Phone is Easier Than You Think 📵

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