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Essay on IPL, Indian Premier League in English, History, Concept, Merits and Demerits, Speech, Paragraph and Article

Essay on IPL, Indian Premier League in English, History, Concept, Merits and Demerits, Speech, Paragraph and Article


Indian is the second largest country in terms of population with 1.27 billion people. And these people are captured by the fever of cricket and especially the IPL. Yes, cricket is the most loved sport in India and it is watched, played and witnessed by millions of people. From the children playing gully cricket in your neighborhood to the national cricket team of India, everyone is mesmerized by the beauty of this game.

Cricket is the favourite sports of many kids and nowadays IPL(Indian Premier League) taking the Indian population by storm. Hence even the students in schools are asked to write essays on cricket and IPL. So, we thought why not we give you all the information you need about the IPL. In this article, essay we have given you the information such as What is IPL? Why Indians love cricket and IPL? how IPL works? What is betting, match-fixing, and spot-fixing? what are the merits and demerits of IPL? the role of IPL in searching the new talent, history of IPL, and where the IPL is boon or bane.

This information will help you to write a perfect essay and speech on topics like IPL and other such as “essay on the role of IPL in searching new talent”, “essay on my favourite game”, “essay on history of IPL”, “essay on betting, match-fixing, and spot-fixing in IPL” and several other similar topics. So, let’s start.

Essay on IPL, Indian Premier League in the English Language

Introduction To Cricket And IPL(Indian Premier League)

Cricket is world’s second most popular sports game which is played with the help of equipment like balls, pads, bats, stumps, wickets, etc. There were fifteen members in each team, out of which only eleven members represent on the field, and others do not participate in any way until an urgency. The cricket is played by almost 120 million people in the world, and that is why it is known as the second most popular sports game in the world. In earlier times, there were long matches of 50 overs and people used to stick to televisions to watch the entire game. However, now IPL has dominated the cricket industry and captured the heart of many lives because every match consists only 20 overs that made it easy for almost everyone to watch the game.

Why Indians Love Cricket And IPL?

There are so many people in India who would like to watch cricket matches all day. The actual reason behind this keen interest is indefinite because each person in India watch matches for a different purpose. The following are the purpose why people love cricket and IPL:

  • Hobby: Some people genuinely love this game from the bottom of their hearts because sometimes they see a picture of themselves as their favorite batsman or bowler.
  • Time: It’s easy to watch IPL and its highlights.
  • Peer Pressure: Sometimes people watch cricket because their friends have viewed that how the last batsman strikes the final ball to won the entire match.
  • Money: Most people wait for the next match so that they can bet and earn some money.

History of IPL(Indian Premier League)

The IPL was founded in 2007.  Zee Entertainment Enterprises raised funds, but the BCCI ( Board of control for cricket in India) or ICC (International cricket council) did not recognize the ICL(Indian cricket league). One of the main reason behind this resistance is that the BCCI didn’t like the committee members who were joining the ICL executive board. BCCI used various tactics to prevent players from playing in the ICL. They start giving high prizes in their domestic tournaments and also imposed lifetime restrictions on the players who were playing in the ICL which later termed as a rebel league by the board. The BCCI then announced the launch of T-20 cricket competition which is today known as IPL. It has been said that the actual mastermind behind IPL is Lalit Modi. Lalit Modi said that it took two years for him to make this idea work. An auction was held on 24 January 2008 in which all the franchises were sold for $723.59 million.

The Concept of IPL – How Does It Work?

The IPL is considered as the richest cricket league in the world, and because of this fact, we can state that the money is the root cause of IPL. A lot of money goes in or out legally or illegally. The teams are made by auction. Although politicians get benefit from the IPL, it also provides a platform for small towns young youths to show their talent on the cricket ground so that they can accomplish their goals and live their dreams the way they always wanted. The format of IPL is not much complex; each team plays fourteen games in their local place or away from their place. The four teams who managed to survive enter in the semi-finals. Now, these four teams play with each other separately, and the two teams reach the finals. The final match between the last remaining squad decides who will be the winner of the tournament.

IPL Auctions

The teams are formed by auction in which each franchise bid for the players they want to see in their team. However, there are some exceptions on choosing a player by bidding. It is a rule that each representative bid only once for each player. All players are separated based on their roles. The auctioneers usually announce the name of the players and the team would start bidding on them. Franchise bid on their players on their base prices but if nobody bid on a player then that player go unsold. Finally, eight highest bids are accepted. These contests held every year in April and May. There’s another type of auction known as reverse bid auction. In reverse bid, the base price is set to 40 crores, and the franchise bid the lowest than the base price to win the auction. The franchise bid the lowest they can, and the lowest bid wins the player.

Betting, Match-fixing, and Spot-fixing In IPL(Indian Premier League)

A lot of cricket fans wait eagerly for the upcoming matches because it is about money. The bet is made in various ways such as friends, a trustworthy local bookie, online, bars, etc. However, we can’t change the fact that betting is illegal in India but still it also another fact that a lot of money is made when people do bet in IPL. Betting is the actual cause of the match-fixing and spot-fixing. Big money makers use tactics and big money investments to fill their pockets, and they decide the outcome of the game as they want. Today technology made it comfortable and convenient to do betting online on the deep web.

Is IPL A Threat To The Indian Cricket? | Advantages And Disadvantages of IPL(Indian Premier League)

We can not say that IPL is entirely responsible for all the unusual activities occur in the nation because people always find a loophole to do what they want. IPL provides an excellent platform for young youth to show their talent and achieve their position in the international cricket team. IPL encourage sports playing students to focus on the games because it proves that even a small town person can play in the team. One of the best examples of this statement is Manzoor Dar, the man who was once a peon and then suddenly became IPL player. Another significant advantage of IPL is it also unites the people of the nation and bring them together.  If we consider the terrible side of IPL, we see things like match-fixing, spot-fixing, and betting. IPL also ensures that we are not going to get players like Tendulkar, Dravid, Dhoni, etc. because most of the players do not work on their techniques because IPL doesn’t require it. Neither IPL can be wholly boon, nor it can be a curse.


It’s been ten years from now, and still, a lot of people put their heart and souls to watch IPL tournaments every year. Some bad politicians play their terrible games to disrupt the purity of the cricket, but someday our youth will become smart enough to deal with them. Moreover, the most impressive feature of IPL is to bring people together. As we know, unity is a strength. This unity one day make cricket first most popular sports in the world.

Tips for Essay on IPL(Indian Premier League)

Here are best, simple yet effective short tips which will help you to write a perfect essay on IPL.

  1. An essay is made of three parts and those are the introduction to the topic, the main story, and ending with the conclusion. Follow this structure and write your essay according to it.
  2. Keep your handwriting neat and clean.
  3. Do not hurry while writing the essay. Take your Time. But complete your essay in the given time.
  4. Before starting to write the essay, think before what you are going to write in the essay.
  5. Make sure you accurate with the numbers, dates, and statistics in your essay.

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