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How to Know if a Girl Likes You

Sign girl likes you

The possibility of a girl telling you that she likes you is as same as your Mathematics professor saying “Let’s skip this lecture and play Antakshari.” We live in India, where a girl approaching a guy is pretty rare (not impossible). Urban girls are now more confident in approaching guy they like but India as in whole, it’s not that common yet. But they do give us hints and clues and one should not ignore those.

We are not being sexist here, but still, a lot of Indian girls expect an initiative from guys. And there is nothing good or bad about it. When she wants you to initiate she will be sending heck lot of hints to you. Those hints are like Pokemon, you gotta catch ’em all. Let’s learn about some of such signals.

Passing Awkward Smiles

When she likes you, you will notice few changes in her behavior when you are around. She smiles a lot when you both speak. Sometimes she trembles and forgets what she was talking and instead she fills it up with awkward smiles. Those untimely smiles are cute, though. If things go so far then, it is not just that she likes you but must be something more than that.

Less Eyes Contact

Well, all of they say girls don’t shy anymore. If a girl likes you and if she make eye contact with you then she will try to dodge it. She will feel shy (not getting a modern word for that). Though she wants it more, still she is afraid that her eyes will let you know it all.

For girls: Boys do like that little shyness, it’s cute and humane. It’s not a sign of weakness.

Body Language

When she likes you, she tends to lean towards you. She plays with her hair when she talks to you. She tries to find an excuse to be around you (tries to get seat next to you when you guys go to the canteen with a bunch of friends)

Digital Liking

When you guys are not around, still you can get the signs over social media or over chatting etc. She starts listening to Linkin Park and Bruno Mars because she knows that you like their music. She sends some web link of the topic you guys were discussing 15 days back. We gonna get too much of smiley on WhatsApp. Your morning may start with her whatsApps message. She will be the first to wish you birthday on 00:01 AM. She types message 10 minutes back, rewrites it 10 times, finds all possible flowers and celebration emojis and sends right on time.

“Borrowing” Notes

Apparently, this is the best icebreaker in this situation. She might ask you for notes, though she has a pile of it at her home or hostel.

Laughing on Your Silly Jokes

Remember any incident when you failed to crack up friends with your silly jokes, but she goes ROFL on those jokes like you are a standup comedian for her. That’s the sign buddy!

Your Friendly Reminder

This is one of the cutest things girls do. They care! If a girl likes you she will check upon you every time. Starting from whether you have completed your assignment, or you have done with studies for next day test to whether you have taken your medicines for fever or not.

Her friends

When you both are talking about some random topic and her closest friends (girls) are giggling at you guys. Then most probably she must have told them about you. But don’t show too much interest in her friends, she may feel jealous or tag you as a flirt.


If a girl is into you then she’ll be keen on even the smaller details about you like who is your favourite superhero or whether you like Cutting Chai from the college canteen. So, brace yourself, there might be hundreds of gigabytes of data in her head that she knows about you.

Girls are mysterious and it’s little difficult to crack the code to her mind. It’s complicated, right? But that’s the fun. We get bored with simpler things too soon.

That was out take on the topic, if you got more, shoot ’em up in the comment section below.

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