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Mahalakshmi Mahalaxmi calendar 2017 free app online pdf download

In the last post, we saw the details about Kalnirnay 2017 Calendar, it’s app and various services. Along with the Kallnirnay, Shri. Mahalaxmi calendar app is very famous in Maharashtra, especially in Marathi native community. Today in this article we will browse through all new Shri. Mahalaxmi Calendar 2017 app (free and pro) and we will also see others services offered from Shri. Mahalaxmi Calendar for the year 2017.

Before jumping to next session, let’s learn about Shri. Mahalaxmi Calendar history. Mr. D. N. Shirke, father of Editor and Managing Director Shri. Sadashiv Alia Bhau Shirke launched the calendar in 1944. The calendar is being published each year uninterruptedly. Though it gives all important and intricate information about panchang they managed to keep it simple for users and that is one important factor in Shri. Mahalaxmi Calendar growth. Now you know a bit of their history and legacy let’s check out their latest offerings.

Shri. Mahalaxmi Calendar 2017 Free and Pro Android App

Apps are available on Android only and it is in Marathi and English language. M/s D. N. Shirke & Sons offers their Android app in two flavours; Free and PRO. As the name indicated PRO app comes with more features and setting than the free version. Please note that Shri. Mahalaxmi Calendar 2017 PRO app ins not yet available on playstore for both Marathi and English language. The free version is available to download and use. Here is the link, Shri. Mahalakshmi Calendar Android Apps

Please note that Shri. Mahalaxmi Calendar 2017 PRO app in not yet available in Google PlayStore

Along with the regular calendar they 5 different special versions and one upcoming version too. Here are the details of it.

  1. Regular Calendar – It is the main product of Shri. Mahalakshmi Calendar and it is available in Marathi, Kannada, Hindi, Gujarati and English languages. It is having all type of information from Pachang, Muhurat to horoscope and it just costs you 24 INR.
  2. Super Calendar – Made for banks, commercial spaces, public offices. This is a big calendar with bigger fonts and box sizes. Kannada version will cost you 30 INR and Marathi version will cost you 34 INR.
  3. Paryatan (Tourist) Calendar – it is a small calendar supposed to be used in cars and cost you 15 INR.
  4. Small Calendar – As names says it is a smaller version of the regular calendar. (15 INR)
  5. Desktop Calendar – Made to keep on office desk and tables. Available I English only and costs 22 INR only.
  6. Pocket Book Calendar – A Small calendar which will fit in the pocket of your shirt. This version is for those who are on the go. (You might think of getting Shri. Mahalaxmi Calendar app instead)
  7. Custom Calendar (Upcoming) – Information is not yet available.

How to Buy Shri. Mahalaxmi 2017 Calendars Online

Method 1) You can buy the different versions of Shri. Mahalaxmi 2017 Calendars from or

Method 2) Buy it from Amazon India, here are amazon affiliate links for the same

अस्सल श्री. महालक्ष्मी दिनदर्शिकाच वापरा.

Mahalkshmi calendar 2017 buy online PDF app

We have observed that a lot of people searching for Shri. Mahalakshmi 2017 calendar’s “free pdf download” and some website do offer scanned copies of the calendar. These people might be wanting these free downloadable PDF for mobile use. But I fail to understand when a free and authentic app is available why one wants a scanned PDF copy of the calendar. If you are one of them please do not use these free PDFs, these harms the calendar creator’s business. Instead use a free, official, authentic app.

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