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Importance of Learning English Language in Our Life and Education – Essay, Speech

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One of thing that separates and gives added leverage to a human being is well-developed language system. Language allowed humans to communication with each other, express feeling, share knowledge and it also helped them to understand each other. This became the one of the founding stone modern human evolution.

Humans are called as social animals, we are designed to work in communities. One cannot enjoy the life or be happy alone for a long time. So, in today’s world also communication, interactions, exchanges hold a great value.

A century ago or so people movement was limited to their geographical area thus local or regional languages was enough for them. But now things are changed, with 20th-century industrial revolution and the technological advancement world become a big nation.

Importance of English in Communication

We need to a have common language to communicate. Every nation have their own languages, some countries even have dozens of regional languages. In such scenario, the English language plays a crucial role. It acts as an intermediary between people of different language background. It bridges the communication barrier.

A country like India has dozens of official languages which vary as per region. On top of that, they have hundreds of local languages and dialects too. When people from different language background meet, English becomes the intermediatory language which helps them start the communication.

Same is the story for when people from a different countries meet, they start communication in English. So in today’s globalized world English has become defacto language. One should learn their national languages to preserve it’s culture, literature, and pride but they should also learn English.

Importance of English in Education

As English is becoming the de-facto business language, students need to know English to get good jobs in the industry. And if they want to pursue higher education like masters of science etc then they have to learn English. Foreign degrees opens newer and better employment opportunities which improve the earning and standard of living too.

Almost everybody uses the internet now, and most online knowledge, data, information, literature is available in the English language. Most of research and studies are published in English. Most of the Mobile app, website are in English. In the online world, one can easily auto translate these resources but as of now, these machine translations are not up to the standards. So one who want to enjoy the abundance of knowledge and literature available online should learn English.

Importance of English in Employment and Business

In a global economy, you can have a company office in one country and you can serve client from any other country on the planet. The global economy provides such opportunities, to avail those chances one needs to know English as it acts as a common language between customers and service providers. So, if you want to get better employment or business opportunities then you must learn English.

Importance of English in Daily Life

English plays a vital role in daily life too. We get local news in local languages but we get international new in English. These days it is important to know what happens around the world. You can use different website or apps to order food, pay bills etc. Most of these websites and apps are in English.

Importance of English in Entertainment and Media

Hollywood is the biggest entertainment industry in the world (India claims it’s Bollywood). They produce a lot of movies which have global reach. Western creators create content on different and unusual topics from funny cat videos to animation explaining Quantum Physics and human anatomy. There are hundreds of English Youtube Channel from where you can learn science, maths, lifeskill, technology, programming and what not. It will be easy if you know English to make use of that content for yourself and even for your community or country.


English is originated in England but it is native language in developed countries like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. English in an official language is many other former British colonies like India, Pakistan, Singapore etc. An interesting fact is that there are more people speaking, reading, writing English in India compared to land where it originated.

A lot of countries where English was not result of ruthless British colonization also adopted English as an official language and business language.

One should be feel pride about their regional, national language and learn it, but same time one should learn or improve English to enjoy opportunities it brings.

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