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In this article we are talking about the importance of education in daily life or life in general, we will also see how it affects the livelihood of a person. Please note that this article was written to help students in their essay, speech, article or paragraph writing assignments, so we have kept it simple. For more intricate work kindly visit other available resources.

Essay on Importance of Education in Life

In the 21st century, one of the best anti-poverty programs is a world-class education – Barack Obama

Education is important because Poverty and Illiteracy go hand in hand, those who didn’t get the opportunity to have at least basic education stays poor. In many countries and societies, education played a big role in uplifting poor. And not only that, people from middle class or lower middle class climb the ladder of success with education.

But many countries neglect the importance of education, they fail to provide basic education to all of its citizens. Many third world country children don’t have access to basic education. In the 21st century, we cannot settle for just basic education, that is not sufficient to compete in the globalized world. The different aspects of education bring different values in one’s life. Those all need to be integrated into the system. Education empowers the people in many ways, after education they get a hope of a better life. The illiterate, poor and hungry population is not a very good combination for any country, they rebel, they revolt and they overthrow governments. Governments must take efforts to educate their citizens, education is the only way one can be uplifted from poverty and have at least a decent life.

Education helps people to get a better job, but it is not guaranteed as there is cut-throat competition in market and governments fails to generate required job growth. Education gives the base on which one can lay the foundation for their growth. With employment comes the money and over time they can improve their standard of living.

Education improves ones confidence to go out there and fight for success. It also helps them to deal with daily life situations in a better way. With this newfound confidence, they achieve a lot of things that an illiterate person cannot. So, education is very important, there is no excuse for it. Every child on the planet is entitled to a good education.

Education makes people moderate in nature, they restrain themselves from extremist ideas. Such educated citizens are very important, they maintain the balance in the society. Educated people also make sure that their children get a better education and thus helps the nation in creating crucial human capital.

Such educated human capital is very important in nation development too. These people are hardworking, smart and full of aspiration and dreams. Such set of people develop themselves and country too. Many come back in the education system and help children to get the better education.

People who go abroad remit a lot of money back to family in India, educated people pay taxes on time, they invest in real estate, share market. Educated people start businesses and give employment to others.

Educated people are also comparatively good at making decisions and planning future. Rather going absurd and abrupt, they think about consequences and make an optimal decision whereas an illiterate person makes a decision in emotional phase. Decisions made in such phase most likely don’t turn up good.

Education teaches people to plan and organize things. Educated people plan their career, finances life, and daily tasks too. They are aspirational people, always in search of better opportunities. They understand the importance of teamwork, they appreciate living in harmony.

On contrary, some sections of Indian society are obsessed with the education of their children. Indian parents knew its significance but now they taking it to next level. Today getting 95% or A grade doesn’t make parents happy. Students are under tremendous academic pressure. They spend a whole day in school then go to tuitions, they also prepare for competitive exams and still expected to behave neatly and respectfully. Parents and system are putting young minds under tremendous pressure, the pressure of success itself failing them. Some commit suicide on failing in exams. Yes, education is important but not significant than life itself. We need to introspect on this. We should not make children suffer because of our unfulfilled dreams. We should try to make a perfect system which will give them knowledge and also allow them to enjoy their childhood too.

Importance of Women Education

A lot of countries don’t provide enough educational opportunities and facilities to their female citizens. Because of this, almost 50% of their population cannot take part in nation building. They miss the personal and professional opportunities education produces.

In India, a lot of schools don’t have proper washrooms/toilets for girls, though sounds like a small issue it affects a lot of girls. Recent initiatives in India to build mandatory toilets in schools and colleges can increase the girl’s turnout. Education empowers women, it helps women to come out of male chauvinist society and stand on their own feet. In recent times, girls are excelling in many fields academics, industry, sports and other areas too. It shows if women were given a chance they can be as good as men or even better than them.

Importance of English in Education

The education system should focus on national or regional languages to preserve their culture, history, literature but same time they need to teach English to their children. There is no doubt that English has become the business language all over the world. Yes, people from former British colonies oppose English but we need to know the English if we want to survive in the globalized world. There is vast amount knowledge available over internet which is mostly available in English language, one can make use of it for personal learning or even for social betterment. English opens the gates to the world. One can have a higher education at foreign universities, get a job overseas. In western countries, employees get better pay and facilities compared to developing countries. English opens all those doors of opportunities.

Importance of Technology and Digital Education

The education system should prioritize digital education, they need to invest in digital infrastructure, software, teacher’s training, software, and tools. Over time this will bring down the cost of education and with help of internet more children can be taught with a lesser workforce. With the internet, students can explore the whole world and can learn from it, there huge knowledge and education material available over the internet. Students and illiterate adults can take advantage of it. With help of technology, we can reach more children and give them an opportunity to uplift, improve themselves.

Digital education can make a big difference in our daily lives, not just in education but in financial, commercial activities too. One can sell their products online, enjoy banking services, get the weather updates, use e-governance services, connect with peoples around the world and much more.

Physical and Practical Education

Along with theoretical knowledge education system should value practical education too. It helps students to understand the concepts and application in a much better way. Sports should be part of education too, it helps students to know their athletic talent, keeps them healthy and fit. Not everyone will be good at academics. some children might exceptional in sports, the system should bring them chance to explore such possibilities.

Importance of Sex and Health education

Sex education is still a taboo subject in a lot of countries, but in today’s time children, teenagers have access to the internet. They try to learn it from porn. Porn is for adult entertainment, not for education. With well though sex education curriculum young generation will get to know themselves better, they can prevent themselves from unwanted pregnancies and STDs.

Same way, the system should promote health-related education too. This will help students to build healthy and hygienic habits at an early age, which will help them in the longer term. We should also promote cleanliness and sanitation in school, this will help the nation to build a better generation.

Art Education

Some children might have an inclination towards performing arts, music, painting etc, the education system should allow them to explore these possibilities too. In today’s world, there are thousands of different fields one can be successful in. Engineer and doctor are not only two great options in the 21st century.

Importance of Inclusive Education

The education system should not discriminate on basis of race, income, religion, gender etc. Children from different backgrounds should learn together it provides the opportunity to bridge the divide and be aware and tolerant of each other.


Education is not just about books, laws, and equations. Along with that education system should focus on life skills which include different aspects of life. It should incorporate vocational, presentation, communication education too. Education brings opportunity to children and their families too. The education system should need to make sure that the education itself should not overwhelm the children.

Additionally, illiterate adults also need to be taught basics of languages, maths, and science, it will help them to perform better in their daily and professional lives.

Note: Kindly note that each subtopic given here is worthy of a big article, here we have tried to give an overall idea about it. You can study more about these topics and write a better essay or speech from it. We will try to give full articles on each topic, we will update the links here.

We have given our thoughts about the importance of education in daily life topic in essay format. If you want to use this information for speeches, article or paragraph writing then take overall ideas of the thoughts presented and make your own copy.

Finally, let us know in comments if this article helped you in any way for your essay, speech, article or paragraph writing assignments. We will be delighted to know that.

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