Essay on Environmental Pollution for School Students

Short Essay on Environmental Pollution, Speech, Paragraph

Environmental pollution is a serious problem that has invited the attention of the world. In this increasing population and rapidly growing industrial pollution has paved its way into the society and social fields. Pollution is not only a danger to humans but wildlife and vegetation too. Amongst various reasons of growing and developing the lifestyle, we have unknowingly or intentionally damaged the environment and we will face the consequences for neglecting it for a long time.

Essay on Environmental Pollution

In the course of time, the Taj Mahal shine lightened, acid rain poured from clouds, safety mask had to be worn to avoid breathing harmful gases in the air. Most of these problems have arisen due to pollution, population & urbanization.

Various industries have served humanity well and benefitted us all but the fastest-growing cities and the urban centers pose a greater risk to people living in it. Injurious pollutants such as carbon monoxide from petrol, diesel and jet engine, sulfur dioxide from factories and power plants and Nitrogen oxides, Hydro Carbons has polluted the environment beyond repair.

The result of inhaling such impure air can lead to diseases of Asthma, Bronchitis, Lung cancer and Emphysema. The government had to enforce odd-even vehicle rule in Delhi, the capital of India where environmental pollution made the air unbreathable.

Industries releasing smoke on a large scale have caused ozone layer depletion. The ozone layer is a protective shield that filters out dangerous elements of the Sun rays. The industrial waste into the rivers such as Ganga is hazardous, water is threatening not only to worshippers who swim to wash their sins also animals that quench their thirst relies on the river water.

World Health Organization (WHO) research has shown that environmental pollution drastically changed the earth’s atmospheric weather and cooling conditions. The present scenario of industries using heavy machinery and robotics is a bane of the machine age. How smartly and wisely we humans and nature can co-exist in productive harmony is a major concern as we are constantly damaging the ecosystem which is crucial for us to survive.

Environmental pollution is not the only threat that mankind should be worried about but a nuclear explosion can extinguish the human race in no time Radioactive fallout from the chemicals can turn the environment uninhabitable. There are many types of pollution namely water, air, soil, food, plastic and much more.

We need to make wise choices to fight pollution to eliminate the risk of human extinction. Pollution cannot be completely cured but it can be controlled. Electric vehicles and public transportation such as trains must be used instead of burning fuels like petrol and diesel that release harmful gases which pollute the air. Limit production and usage of plastic materials as they are non-biodegradable.

Tree plantation and using air purifiers are necessary as we need clean air to inhale. Industries should be restricted to release chemical wastes into the rivers. Bursting crackers on festivals must be prohibited, it distributes an ample amount of smoke to contaminate the air straight away. Environmental pollution can have adverse effects on nature, it has been witnessed globally in every country from India to China to America.

Among various types of pollution such as Water, Thermal, Heat, Noise, Soil, Radioactive, Light, Visual. Air Pollution is the earth’s number one enemy; imagine toxic gases that cause respiratory and lung diseases even to infants, it is distressing. India is the fifth largest country where diseases caused by air pollution killed approximately 6, 20,000 people in 2010. Recently Bangalore pollution set off lakes to catch fire.

It’s not just the Taj Mahal which turned from bright white to yellow and brownish, pollution is a menace to other historical monuments such as Lotus temple built-in 1986 has been losing its limelight despite regular maintenance. Similarly, the Charminar surface has been covered in dust and black spots. Our Heritage is old, the infrastructure is becoming sensitive and is prone to get affected by pollution.

Environmental pollution is a threat to mother earth. There is no permanent solution but it can be controlled unless each individual begins to understand its importance of how grievous are the causes and effects on society. World pollution prevention day is held on 2nd December every year to spread awareness on the causes and effects of pollution on the environment and remember the souls who had fallen prey to the curse of pollution.

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